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A Safe Place/Lake County Crisis Center


A Safe Place

A Safe Place is the preeminent organization in Northern Illinois when it comes to tackling the horrifying patterns of domestic violence and human trafficking. The organization provides several sorts of assistance, including a 24-hour crisis hotline, case management, legal advocacy, an emergency shelter, counseling, housing, mentoring for adolescent guys, supervised custody exchanges and family visits, relationship education, and community outreach. Their objective is to ensure that everyone may go about their regular lives without fear of harm.

To assist individuals in overcoming domestic violence, it is vital to intervene and give counselling. A Safe Place offers children with specialized support services to help them overcome the psychological, physical, emotional, and social issues they face as a consequence of witnessing domestic violence. Child witnesses are often the most vulnerable victims of domestic abuse.

Having a safe place to go, access to counseling, and other assistance dramatically increases the capacity of domestic violence survivors to exit violent situations. A Safe Place is a refuge and housing program for male, female, and child victims of physical, verbal, or emotional domestic violence. Housing assistance programs may be temporary or permanent.

A Safe Place’s Court Advocacy Program links victims of domestic abuse with lawyers who assist them in filing civil no-contact orders to prevent additional damage. Lawyers work closely with the office of the State’s Attorney and court authorities to meet client needs and ensure their safety.

The MENtoring program at A Safe Place offers young boys (ages 8 to 14) with social role models and teaches them how to interact positively with others. In an attempt to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence that may pass from family to family, this program promotes a healthy, balanced vision of masculinity.

A Safe Place’s purpose is to make the world safer and more open, where violence is never acceptable or concealed. Among their activities for breaking the cycle of violence include early intervention, preventive education, education on domestic abuse and human trafficking, and community awareness. To reduce domestic violence, it is essential to have laws, institutional norms, and appropriate responses from police, prosecutors, and courts.

Many victims of domestic violence and victims of human trafficking have benefitted from A Safe Place’s services. As a society, it is vital that we understand more about these issues and act to remove them. Those who misuse their authority must be punished, and violence must never be condoned. A Safe Place is devoted to eradicating these destructive practices in order to foster sustainable, peaceful communities.


Help Line: (847) 249-4450 or (800) 600-SAFE



Address: 2710 17th Sstree Zion, IL 60099



Main Office: (847) 731-7165

24-Hour Crisis Line: (847) 249-4450 or 1-800-600-SAFE or TTY: 847-249-6557

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