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Aberdeen South Foodbank


Aberdeen South Foodbank

The Aberdeen South Foodbank is a non-profit organization that assists individuals in need during difficult times. The food bank has been active since 2015, and they distributed 3,922 three-day emergency food packages to those in need during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Due to the increasing need for its services, the Aberdeen South Foodbank and other organizations that try to relieve hunger and poverty in the region are gaining in significance.

The Trussell Trust, of which Aberdeen South Foodbank is a member, administers a network of foodbanks to alleviate hunger and poverty across the United Kingdom. Local schools, churches, businesses, and individuals provide nonperishable, on-time food donations. Volunteers inspect the food for spoilage and quality before packing it into boxes for distribution to those in need.

Professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, and police officers identify persons in need and direct them to the foodbank. Volunteers at the food bank work carefully to ensure that individuals in need get assistance, and their referral system ensures that this occurs.

Delivering nutritious food to persons in need is an important element of the aim of Aberdeen South Foodbank. The food bank prioritizes providing healthy meals that will help users feel physically and emotionally better. Individuals and families enduring financial difficulties or housing instability may seek assistance from our organization in order to regain their footing.

Overall, the support offered by the Aberdeen South Foodbank to those in need in the local community is vital. The organization’s objective to eliminate poverty and food insecurity in the region is supported through contributions from donors, volunteerism, and contacts with local specialists. Those in need are supplied with the resources necessary to regain their footing, such as access to nutritious food, assistance in times of financial hardship, and answers to housing issues.




Address: Citrus House

11 Greenbank Road

East Tullos Industrial Estate

Aberdeen, Aberdeen City

AB12 3BQ

United Kingdom



Phone:  07859 765720


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