Abergavenny Foodbank


Abergavenny Foodbank

The Trussell Trust operates many foodbanks around the United Kingdom, including the Abergavenny Foodbank, which was established in 2011. This community-driven effort aims to guarantee that Abergavenny and the neighboring areas have access to emergency food supplies. In the last year, 1,220 individuals in need got a three-day emergency food supply from the food bank.

Churches and community groups in the area contribute to the operation of the foodbank by collecting nonperishable food items from local institutions like schools, churches, companies, and needy individuals. Volunteers examine the food’s expiry dates and pack it into boxes for distribution to people in need.

The Abergavenny Foodbank distinguishes out in part because to the excellent ties it has developed with other organizations, such as medical professionals, social workers, and law enforcement. These employees are well situated to identify people in need and refer them to the local food bank. Thanks to this collaborative effort, the food bank will be able to help more people in need in the neighborhood.

People in need, whether due to unemployment, sickness, lack of cash, or lack of a stable living situation, may seek emergency rations from the food bank. They provide three-day meal packages that are customized to the unique dietary needs of individuals and families. Professionals and other organizations often refer those in need to food banks so they may get a food supply.

Abergavenny Foodbank’s activities are supported by public contributions and the work of devoted volunteers. They have a crew of diligent volunteers that do everything from collecting donations to making and distributing food packages. The foodbank’s delivery service is available to those who are unable to pick up their food parcels due to health or mobility issues.

In a word, the Abergavenny Foodbank is a community-run organization that gives emergency food to individuals in need. Donations from the general public are important to the food bank’s continuing survival, which is why local churches, community groups, and professions support it. Volunteers and the food bank’s teamwork have made it possible for more folks in need to receive aid.



Address: Abergavenny Baptist Church

Frogmore Street





Phone:  07340795328

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