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Americans for a Safe Israel – AFSI

Americans for a Safe Israel – AFSI


Understanding Americans for a Safe Israel – AFSI  : Advocating for an Undivided Israel



AFSI: A Brief History and Purpose


Founded in 1970, the Americans for a Safe Israel – AFSI  was established as a parallel entity to the Land of Israel Movement. It emerged with a clear mandate: to endorse and uphold Israel’s historical, religious, and legal claims to territories acquired during the 1967 war. AFSI’s foundation is rooted in the belief that Israel’s control over these lands is not only a matter of national interest but also critical for global and U.S. security in the Middle East.






AFSI’s Stance on Israel’s Security and Global Interests


AFSI firmly believes that Israel’s territorial integrity is a key component of regional stability. The organization consistently advocates for Israel’s right to maintain defensible borders, viewing this as essential for the nation’s strength and security. AFSI opposes the concept of a “two-state solution,” arguing that it would not only compromise global security but also threaten the existence of Israel itself.


National Presence and International Membership


As a national organization, AFSI has established chapters across the United States, with members extending globally. This widespread presence underscores a shared commitment among its members: a conviction that a robust Israel is vital for the West’s interests in the Middle East. AFSI highlights the strategic importance of Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, and the Golan, regarding them as bulwarks against regional vulnerabilities.


AFSI’s Policy Perspectives: “Peace for Peace”


Advocating a unique approach, the Americans for a Safe Israel promotes a “peace for peace” policy between Arab states and Israel. This stance is a clear departure from the conventional “peace for territory” formula. AFSI firmly opposes the use of U.S. tax dollars, which they believe amount to billions, in funding peace plans that they view as ineffective or illusory.


Active Participation and Community Engagement


The Americans for a Safe Israel encourages public involvement, inviting individuals to counteract negative perceptions of Israel in the media, government, and public discourse. They urge people to join their local AFSI chapters and actively contribute to shaping a more supportive environment for Israel.




Phone: +1 212-828-2424


Address: PO Box 286305 New York, NY 10128








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