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Angel Hair Foundation


 “Angel Hair Foundation: A Tapestry of Hope and Resilience”

In the heart of Oregon, the Angel Hair Foundation emerges as a compassionate sanctuary for young souls battling medical hair loss. This altruistic organization illuminates the path for these children, ensuring they face their challenges with renewed confidence and courage. Dive into the mesmerizing tale of this foundation, its unique offerings, and the manifold ways you can contribute to its noble cause.


1. The Essence of Angel Hair Foundation: From Adversity to Empowerment


  • The Mission’s Core:

The foundation’s primary objective is to bolster the self-worth of children grappling with medical hair loss. With the groundbreaking Angel Hair System, children can navigate their daily activities without the constant worry of their hair appearance. This innovative creation provides them with a semblance of normalcy, allowing them to swim, play, and sleep without any inhibitions.

  • The Inspiration Behind the Cause:

Staci Wright, having battled Ewing sarcoma, became the embodiment of resilience. Her personal journey with a prosthetic hair system transformed her pain into a purpose, laying the foundation for this remarkable initiative.



2. Angel Hair System: Beyond the Surface


  • More Than Just Hair:

Each Angel Hair System resonates with the essence of the child it graces. Children can pick their preferred hairstyles, shades, and lengths, ensuring that each piece mirrors their unique spirit. The medical adhesive ensures the system remains intact, letting the child revel in their activities without any apprehensions.

  • A Financial Ray of Hope:

In a world where the cost of medical treatments can be daunting, the Angel Hair Foundation stands as a beacon for families. By offering these systems without restrictive income guidelines and tedious paperwork, they ensure that every child, irrespective of their family’s financial stance, can enjoy the gift of confidence.


3. Amplifying the Cause: Events and Celebrations


  • Dance for a Purpose:

“Shall We Dance 2024” isn’t just an event; it’s a declaration of hope. With celebrities showcasing their best dance moves to clinch the “2024 Celebrity Dance Champion” title, this gala isn’t just about glamour. It’s a testament to the community’s commitment to the foundation’s cause.

  • A Symphony of Wine and Benevolence:

The Angel Hair Foundation nights at Silvan Ridge exemplify philanthropy with elegance. These summer concert nights, while offering attendees a delightful experience, further the foundation’s mission.



4. Lending a Hand: How You Can Contribute


  • Financial Support:

Whether it’s through the Monthly Giving Program, a one-time donation, or an honorary gift, every penny amplifies the foundation’s reach. By joining the Giving Guardian community or simply making a single contribution, you can play a pivotal role in a child’s journey of resilience.

  • Support with Style:

Angel Wear items, while exuding style, symbolize the foundation’s mission. Wearing these items is not just a fashion statement but also a declaration of support for the cause.


5. Reach Out, Connect, and Collaborate


  • Contacting the Foundation:

For those who wish to be a part of this heartwarming initiative or seek assistance, the Angel Hair Foundation can be reached at:

  • Address: PO BOX 2727, Eugene, OR 97402
  • Phone: 541-915-8683
  • A Trustworthy Endeavor:

Accredited as a 501c(3) non-profit company since 2006, the Angel Hair Foundation stands as an emblem of hope, authenticity, and dedication.




The Angel Hair Foundation paints a narrative where empathy, innovation, and resilience converge. Through the Angel Hair Systems and their unwavering dedication, they have not only transformed the lives of countless children but have also redefined the essence of community support. Join hands with this extraordinary organization and be a part of a movement that promises brighter tomorrows, one strand at a time.



Phone: 541-915-8683


Address: PO Box 2727 Eugene, OR 97402


Social Media Links:



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