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Angel Wings Fund
Angel Wings Fund


The Illuminating Journey of Keisha Y. Brown and the Birth of the Angel Wings Fund


In the midst of life’s tumultuous waves, a beacon of resilience emerged – Keisha Y. Brown. The diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007 shook her world but never quelled her spirit. Amidst the fear, one shining hope prevailed – her daughter, Angel. Thus, Angel Wings Fund sprouted from the seed of maternal concern, promising to be a pillar of strength for those battling the same dark storm.

United by Solidarity: The I AM > BREAST CANCER Collection

The Angel Wings Fund soon unfurled a creative approach – the I AM > (Greater Than) Breast Cancer clothing line. This collection of short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirts, and both hooded and crew neck sweatshirts, each carrying a potent message, fostered an alliance amongst those battling the relentless disease. Their purchase served as an indirect contribution, encapsulating the spirit of strength, unity, and resilience.

Embracing Memories and Philanthropy: The Angel Wings Fund’s Events

Remembering Keisha: Day of Giving

Keisha’s spirit took flight to heavenly abode on April 10, 2014. But instead of wallowing in sorrow, the Fund ignites hope by celebrating Keisha’s legacy of love. Annually, the aim is to raise $5,000 on this day. The objective? To send 10 children grappling with cancer, along with their siblings, to Special Days Camp, a sanctuary designed for young warriors aged between 5 to 17.

The Pink Gala 2020: Boots & Buckles

Initiated by Keisha, the Pink Gala is an event radiating warmth and camaraderie. The Courtyard Marriott of Mt. Pleasant will be hosting this anticipated event, promising delightful food, lively entertainment, and an enriching silent auction. All for a cause that touches the core of humanity.

Investing in Future: Scholarships as the Fund’s Endowments

The Angel Wings Fund, in collaboration with Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart Academy, and the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation, offers academic scholarships. An endowment, indeed, but more than that, a stepping stone towards a brighter future for many.

Reaching Out: Interactive Interface of Angel Wings Fund

Open arms and open hearts, the organization encourages interaction. A user-friendly interface ensures that interested individuals can easily reach out to the Fund, enriching the community through their queries, comments, and messages of support.

The Legacy of Keisha Y. Brown: An Indelible Impact

The Angel Wings Fund is not merely an organization. It’s a tribute to Keisha Y. Brown’s invincible spirit, a testament to her undying love for humanity. Through their initiatives, they continue to uplift the cancer-affected, weaving a network of strength, hope, and resilience. Amidst the darkness, they remind us of our innate ability to rise and soar, just like Keisha did. Even in her absence, Keisha’s legacy reverberates, inspiring countless individuals to live, as if they couldn’t lose.



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