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CCLG - Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group


CCLG – Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group


Pioneers in Childhood Cancer Care


Introduction: The Vanguard of Pediatric Oncology


The Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) serves as a lighthouse amidst the stormy seas of childhood cancer. Its unwavering dedication to the cause has positioned it as a leading children’s cancer charity and professional association in the UK and Ireland. With a mission embedded in hope and action, CCLG is committed to ensuring every child’s right to a healthy future.


1. The Genesis: CCLG’s Foundational Pillars


  • Brief Overview: Embarking on a journey four decades ago, CCLG stands as a symbol of resilience, hope, and unity, offering a sanctuary for affected families and professionals alike.
  • The Vision and Mission: At its core, CCLG’s mission resonates with a commitment to cure the maximum number of children, ensuring that the side effects of treatment are minimal.




2. The Many Hats CCLG Wears


  • Professional Association: Beyond being an organization, CCLG represents a robust network of professionals, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, networking, and consistent application of best practices.
  • Advocacy and Voice: Serving as the voice for children with cancer, CCLG’s insights and recommendations have shaped governmental policies and the broader landscape of pediatric cancer care.
  • Research Vanguard: With a forward-looking approach, CCLG funds groundbreaking research initiatives, aiming for innovative treatments and a deeper understanding of cancer.
  • Informational Hub: Recognizing the importance of accurate information during challenging times, CCLG offers award-winning publications and resources tailored for affected families.

3. The Journey So Far: Milestones and Triumphs


  • Legacy and Achievements: A tale of triumph, CCLG’s 40-year journey has witnessed significant advancements, resulting in improved survival rates and global impact.
  • Global Outreach: Beyond the confines of the UK and Ireland, CCLG’s humanitarian efforts extend to developing nations, addressing the dire need for life-saving treatments.
  • Avenues of Support: Fueled by charity, CCLG’s operations are testament to the generosity of its supporters. With permanent funding still a distant goal, every contribution paves the way for a brighter future.

4. The Labyrinth of Childhood Cancer in the Modern World


  • The COVID-19 Intersection: The global pandemic has added layers of complexity to the already challenging journey of childhood cancer. From preparedness to support mechanisms, CCLG has been at the forefront, offering guidance and resources.
  • Understanding Childhood Cancer: A deep dive into the types, origins, statistics, and survival rates associated with childhood cancer, offering clarity and hope amidst the uncertainty.

5. The Road Ahead: From Diagnosis to Life Beyond


  • Signs and Diagnosis: Recognizing the early signs and the subsequent journey post-diagnosis.
  • Treatment and Beyond: A comprehensive look into treatments, trials, and the life that awaits post-treatment, including resources for the unthinkable.


CCLG - Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group
CCLG – Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group


6. Empowering Through Knowledge

  • Publications and Stories: From informative booklets to heartwarming narratives, CCLG offers a spectrum of resources to inspire, inform, and support.
  • Professional Outreach: CCLG’s expansive reach benefits professionals in the pediatric oncology field, offering resources, insights, and a platform for collaboration.

7. Advocacy and Awareness


  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Spotlighting the impacts of childhood cancer every September, CCLG leads initiatives that raise awareness, support, and funds for the cause.
  • Joining Hands: An invitation to the world to support CCLG’s mission, from financial contributions to participatory efforts, every gesture brings us closer to a world free from childhood cancer.

In Conclusion: Beyond an Organization, A Movement


Tucked away in Century House on De Montfort Street in Leicester, CCLG represents more than just bricks and mortar. It symbolizes a movement, a collective dream, and an unwavering commitment. Rooted in science, compassion, and community, CCLG invites everyone to be part of this transformative journey, ensuring that no child’s future is overshadowed by cancer. Join, support, and champion the cause, for together, we can make a difference.



Address: Century House, 24 De Montfort Street, Leicester, LE1 7GB


Phone: 03330507654


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