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CPAA - Cancer Patients Aid Association


The Luminous Legacy of the Cancer Patients Aid Association


A Symphony of Hope and Healing


The Canvas of Hope: An Overview of CPAA

In a world where cancer casts a shadow of despair, the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) emerges as a brilliant beam of hope and compassion. Founded in 1969 by the illustrious Y. K. Sapru, CPAA has devoted over five decades to crafting a legacy that extends beyond medical treatments, touching the very soul of cancer management.

The Genesis and Growth


From Humble Beginnings: The Birth of CPAA

Inspired by the noble aim to assist a child battling cancer, CPAA blossomed from a gathering of empathetic friends to an institution championing the Total Management of Cancer. Under the guidance of Y. K. Sapru, CPAA has entrenched its mission deep within India’s healthcare fabric.

Expanding Horizons: CPAA’s Nationwide Reach

With a proactive presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune, CPAA’s message of hope and holistic care reverberates across India, ensuring that their commitment to healing remains unwavering and expansive.




The Ethos and Execution


A Revolutionary Approach: Total Management of Cancer

CPAA’s philosophy centers around a multifaceted approach that encompasses Awareness, Early Detection, Treatment Support, Counseling, Rehabilitation, Research, and Advocacy. Their primary objective is to make cutting-edge treatments accessible to the underprivileged, ensuring that financial constraints don’t hinder healing.

The Ripple Effect: CPAA’s Impact on Lives

CPAA’s influence is immeasurable. Their informative drives, screening camps, and consistent support have touched the lives of millions. From enlightening 3,95,674 individuals to assisting 10,19,771 families, CPAA’s dedication shines through their staggering statistics.


Recognition and Resilience


Awards and Accolades: Celebrating CPAA’s Excellence

CPAA’s undying commitment has been honored with numerous awards, including CEO Alka Bisen’s Mahatma Award and Founder Chairman Mr. Y. K. Sapru’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Their commendable endeavors in Tobacco Control have also garnered accolades from the World Health Organization.

Overcoming Obstacles: CPAA’s Resilient Spirit

Despite global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, CPAA’s mission remains unshaken. Their innovative projects like “Adopt a Patient” and initiatives to eliminate Cervical Cancer in India exemplify their adaptability and unwavering drive.


Community and Connection


Events and Engagements: Amplifying CPAA’s Message

CPAA harnesses the power of community through events that merge entertainment and awareness. These gatherings, bolstered by celebrity endorsements and media support, amplify CPAA’s passion and purpose.

Volunteer Valor: Joining Hands for a Noble Cause

At the heart of CPAA lies a robust network of volunteers. By welcoming individuals, organizations, and corporates, CPAA nurtures a community where every contribution, big or small, paints a brighter future for cancer patients.



The CPAA Odyssey: A Tale of Triumph As we reflect upon CPAA’s illustrious journey, we witness a legacy interwoven with purpose, compassion, and unwavering commitment. They have transformed challenges into opportunities, creating a kaleidoscope of hope, courage, and care that continues to illuminate countless lives.




Address: Unit no. 6, Sumer Kendra, S S Amrutwar Marg, behind Mahindra Tower, Worli, Mumbai, India, Maharashtra



Phone: +91 22 2492 4000


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