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Ealing Soup Kitchen
Ealing Soup Kitchen


Ealing Soup Kitchen

Since 1973, the Ealing Soup Kitchen has provided crucial assistance to those in need. The group is devoted to combating poverty and homelessness by offering a variety of services, such as food, clothing, baths, and more. Monday and Friday drop-ins are particularly significant because they provide those in need with a place to enjoy a hot meal, chat, and get further assistance.

The Ealing Soup Kitchen is distinguished by its comprehensive approach to caring for the homeless. In addition to providing food and shelter, the group gives foot care, practical assistance, and games to make individuals feel cherished and cared for. The hot showers, replete with soap and towels, are also a nice addition, satisfying an often-overlooked need.

In addition to drop-ins, the Ealing Soup Kitchen offers a food package service to ensure that individuals have access to vital supplies. Monday’s care, barber service, and karaoke night give extra opportunity for individuals to get assistance and engage with others.

The Ealing Soup Kitchen’s dedication to providing assistance and services to the community’s homeless population is remarkable. It is evident that the services given have a tremendous influence on people’s lives, and the organisation depends on the generosity of volunteers and contributors to continue its work.

The significance of the Ealing Soup Kitchen’s efforts cannot be emphasised, particularly in light of society’s persistent homelessness and food insecurity issues. Notably, the organization’s emphasis on offering a variety of services beyond food and shelter displays a dedication to helping the full person, not simply their immediate needs.

Overall, the Ealing Soup Kitchen is a key element of the community, serving people in need with critical services. The organization’s dedication to giving care and assistance to the homeless people is laudable, and its work cannot be emphasised in terms of its significance. The Ealing Soup Kitchen continues to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most because to the persistent work of volunteers and donors.




Address: Ealing Soup Kitchen The Crypt St John’s Church Ealing W13 9LA


Phone:  0208 566 3507


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