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Eastern Illinois Foodbank
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Eastern Illinois Foodbank

Hunger assistance is provided by the Eastern Illinois Foodbank, which has its headquarters in Urbana, Illinois. The organisation serves a region in Eastern Illinois that spans 18 counties and more than 14,500 square miles. In 1980, a group of twenty local residents in Springfield got together to start the organisation. At the time, they were forming a food distribution network that would later split into three autonomous food banks. The Eastern Illinois Foodbank was established as a result of the merger of three food banks in the year 2004.


The mission of the Eastern Illinois Foodbank is to end hunger in the region by supplying food to their network of over 170 member organisations and programmes. These member agencies and programmes include food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and youth programmes. Over one million individuals were helped by the organisation during the fiscal year 2022 (which began on July 1, 2021 and ended on June 30, 2022) via its network of food pantries alone, which resulted in the distribution of 7.8 million pounds of food.

The organisation also promotes community participation by conducting food or money drives. These kind of drives may assist foster workplace spirit and generate a favourable picture of the firm within the community. Those who are interested may get in touch with the Eastern Illinois Foodbank’s headquarters by calling 217-328-3663 or sending an email to The food bank will also offer collecting cans, collection boxes, and signs for the drive.


People who want to provide financial assistance to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank have the option of doing so in a safe and secure manner via the organization’s website or by contacting the credit card contribution hotline (217) 328-3663. In addition, the organisation is happy to accept contributions of food, and anyone who are interested in doing so may find information on their website about how to organise a food drive or where to send off donations of food.

The work that the Eastern Illinois Foodbank has been doing has not been ignored, and the organisation has been able to garner assistance from a variety of different quarters as a result. The organisation has not only been recognised by the United Way and Feeding America, but it has also been chosen as a beneficiary of charitable donations made by preschools and colleges in the surrounding area as part of their holiday giving efforts.


In conclusion, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank is an organisation that provides relief from hunger and services a significant portion of the region located in Eastern Illinois. Their efforts to relieve hunger are laudable, as seen by the number of people they have fed and the quantity of food they have provided, and this can be seen by the fact that they have served. It is also significant that the organisation makes a commitment to becoming involved in the community by holding food or finance drives. Donations of both money and food are accepted by the Eastern Illinois Foodbank from those who want to help support the organisation. Overall, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank is an important organisation that plays a significant part in reducing the amount of people in Eastern Illinois who go hungry.



Address: 2405 North Shore Drive

Urbana, IL 61802-7221



Phone:  2173283663


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