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Expect Miracles Foundation


The Miraculous Symphony: Expect Miracles Foundation’s Dance with Destiny


1. The Genesis of Greatness: Expect Miracles Foundation


  • The Wonders of their Work: In the vast financial sphere, the Expect Miracles Foundation emerges as a phoenix, dedicated not only to numbers and profits but to a cause that touches hearts – the fight against cancer. They aren’t mere organizers; they are the harbingers of hope, ensuring emotional stability alongside groundbreaking research.

2. The Luminous Conglomerate: Their Backbone


  • Diverse yet Unified: From humble startups to financial titans, from zealous young minds to seasoned executives, the spectrum of contributors to the foundation is vast. Yet, their collective heart beats in sync, with a unified mission – to vanquish cancer.
  • The Power of Contribution: Over $20 million has been pooled, each dollar symbolizing hope, grit, and an unyielding spirit. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about the immeasurable value of determination.

3. The Torchbearers: Heart and Soul of the Mission


  • Beyond the Ordinary: These individuals aren’t just members of a team; they are visionaries. Dubbed partners in possibility, they continuously breach the confines of what’s deemed possible, lighting the way for those affected by cancer.




4. Honoring the Pillars: 2023’s Shining Stars


  • A Year of Renewed Promise: The 2023 Foundation Sponsor isn’t just a title; it’s a pledge, a commitment to sculpting a brighter tomorrow. Their endorsement amplifies the foundation’s potential, propelling them to even loftier heights in their noble quest.

5. Celebrations with a Cause: Events Crafting Change

  • The Resounding Echo of Hope: Events such as the YPEM Cornhole Fundraiser and Battle of the Bartenders are not just mere gatherings. They resonate with hope, camaraderie, and the shared purpose of combating cancer.
  • Golfing for Good: The 2023 Atlantic Coast Classic is not just a sport; it’s a platform where every swing, every cheer amplifies the foundation’s impact, making a palpable difference in the cancer research landscape.

6. Unbreakable Bonds: Collaborative Efforts


  • A Partnership Beyond Words: The alliance between Expect Miracles and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is profound. It’s an emblem of unity where optimism intertwines flawlessly with groundbreaking research.

7. Reliving Victories: A Retrospective


  • Cornhole Classics: Events at 90FS and Chelsea Piers Field House transcend beyond mere fundraisers. They stand as monuments to human spirit, resilience, and the indomitable will to make a difference.

8. Evolution and Empowerment: SAMFund’s New Horizon


  • Rebranding with a Heart: The unveiling of SAMFund’s fresh logo and identity is not just a redesign; it’s a symbol of rejuvenation, a renewed vow to support young adult cancer survivors.

9. The Power of Contribution: An Invitation to Make Miracles


  • Unleashing Hope: Joining hands with the foundation is more than just a donation; it’s a chance to propel life-saving research and support the SAMFund, ensuring that young cancer survivors find their footing again.

10. Beyond Finances: The True Essence of Sponsorship


  • A Dual Purpose: Corporate sponsors are more than just financial backers. They are crusaders leading a life-saving mission, reaping invaluable networking opportunities and forming lasting bonds in the process.

11. Integrity at its Finest: The Foundation’s Transparency


  • Demystifying the Code: With their 501c3 Tax ID in the public domain, the foundation sets a golden standard for transparency and trustworthiness.

12. An Everlasting Connection: The Community of Hope


  • Stay Informed, Stay United: The foundation isn’t a fleeting touchpoint; it’s a lasting bond. Subscribing means being part of a supportive network, a community that walks the path of hope together.

In the grand tapestry of life, where numbers often dictate narratives, Expect Miracles Foundation emerges as a transcendent entity. Melding financial acumen with a fierce commitment to cancer research and care, they craft stories not just of survival, but of unyielding triumph. Join hands, for it’s not just a foundation; it’s a revolution, redefining the contours of what’s possible.





Address: 89 South Street, Suite 701, Boston, MA, United States, Massachusetts




Phone: 617.938.3484


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