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Food Bank of Lincoln


Food Bank of Lincoln: Addressing Food Insecurity in Nebraska



Food insecurity is a significant issue affecting thousands of individuals in Nebraska, including Southeast Nebraska. The Food Bank of Lincoln is an organization dedicated to addressing this problem by providing essential food assistance to those in need.


Vision and Mission

The Food Bank of Lincoln’s vision is to ensure that no one in their service area goes hungry. Their mission is to alleviate hunger by collecting and distributing food to individuals and families facing food insecurity.


All Services

The Food Bank of Lincoln offers a range of services to address hunger in their 16-county service area. Some of their key initiatives include:


Mobile Food Distributions: The organization conducts mobile food distributions across their service area from Monday to Saturday, reaching individuals and families in need.


Classes and Initiatives: The Food Bank of Lincoln’s Bridges Out of Poverty initiative aims to foster a shared understanding of poverty within the community. It brings together various sectors to address the impact of poverty and develop collaborative solutions. Additionally, they offer the “Getting Ahead In A Just-Gettin’-By World” learning experience, providing classes for individuals living in or near poverty. Participants explore the effects of poverty, assess their own circumstances, and plan for a better future.


These services demonstrate the organization’s commitment to not only providing food assistance but also addressing the root causes of poverty and food insecurity through education and community engagement.



Volunteers play a vital role in the Food Bank of Lincoln’s operations. They assist in various activities such as food sorting, packaging, and distribution. By dedicating their time and efforts, volunteers contribute significantly to the organization’s mission of alleviating hunger in the community.



The Food Bank of Lincoln relies on the support of the local community to combat hunger effectively. They welcome food donations, financial contributions, and volunteering efforts. The organization depends on the generosity of individuals and businesses to ensure a consistent supply of food for distribution to those in need.



The Food Bank of Lincoln is committed to addressing food insecurity in Nebraska. Through their mobile food distributions, educational initiatives, volunteer engagement, and community support, they strive to ensure that no one in their service area goes hungry. By providing food assistance and promoting understanding of poverty, the organization aims to make a meaningful and lasting impact on individuals and families in crisis. To learn more about the Food Bank of Lincoln and how you can contribute or get involved, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.




Address: 1221 Kingbird Road

Lincoln, NE 68521


Phone:  402-466-8170


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