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Food Bank of Northeast Georgia
Food Bank of Northeast Georgia help


Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is a charitable organisation that dedicates its time and energy to alleviating issues of food insecurity and hunger in the communities located in the Northeast Georgia area. Since its inception in 1992 in the city of Athens, Georgia, the organisation has expanded to become the preeminent food bank in the region. Every year, it distributes millions of pounds of food to nonprofit organisations and people who are struggling to make ends meet.

End food insecurity

Serving communities all around the area is part of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia’s goal, which is to “end food insecurity by providing consistent access to nourishing food and end the cycle of hunger.” The objective of the organisation is accomplished by the implementation of a diverse set of programmes and activities, some of which include food rescue, food donation, and food distribution. The food rescue programme entails collecting excess food from local farms, grocery shops, and restaurants that, under other circumstances, would be thrown away. A programme that encourages people and organisations to contribute food, money, and/or time in order to support a cause is called a food donations programme. On the other side, the food distribution programme entails sending food to partner organisations including soup kitchens, shelters, and food pantries, who subsequently distribute the food to individuals who are in need.

Contribution to the community

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia has made a tremendous contribution to the community by ensuring that over 150,000 people in the area are provided with wholesome food on an annual basis. The organisation has also been recognised for its efforts, earning various prizes. One of these accolades was the “Feed My School for a Week” programme award from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which recognises organisations that give healthy and nutritious meals to schools].

Erin Barger now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation, and she guides the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia in its mission to eliminate the prevalence of hunger in the area. In addition, the organisation is supported by a hardworking group of volunteers, employees, executives, board members, and advisers who put in countless hours to guarantee the success of the organization’s programmes and activities.

In conclusion, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is an essential organisation that plays an important role in the community by providing necessary services to people and families in the Northeast Georgia area who are struggling with food insecurity. The organisation has become a ray of hope for a great number of individuals who are having difficulty meeting their basic needs because of its purpose to make nutritious meals readily available at all times. It is a monument to the strength of community-based efforts that the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia has achieved major gains towards reducing food insecurity in the area via the programmes and initiatives it has implemented through its organisation.




(Physical Address)

861 Newton Bridge Rd

Athens, GA 30607

(Mailing Address)

PO Box 48857

Athens, GA 30604


Phone:  706-354-8191

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