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Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana


Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana

Fighting Hunger and Nourishing Communities in Northwest Louisiana



The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana stands as a crucial institution committed to combatting hunger within the boundaries of Northwest Louisiana. Its noble purpose revolves around serving as the foremost reservoir for confronting the prevailing issue of food insecurity, driven by an unwavering aspiration to bring an end to hunger within this particular area. By tirelessly striving, their aim is to furnish indispensable provisions of nourishment to those individuals and families who find themselves in dire need.

Serving the Community:

The food bank serves several parishes in Northwest Louisiana, including Caddo, Bossier, and others. By partnering with local agencies and organizations. In their noble mission, they extend sustenance to those facing food insecurity, offering nourishment to both individuals and families of limited means. Their compassionate efforts involve the distribution of food, addressing the needs of low-income communities. Their reach extends to over 65,000 individuals, providing them with over 3.8 million pounds of food annually.

Supporting the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana

To achieve their mission, the Food Bank relies on the support of the community. Individuals and organizations can contribute to their efforts by making financial donations, providing food donations, or volunteering their time. These contributions play a crucial role in helping the food bank serve those in need effectively.


The Food Bank is an essential organization fighting hunger and serving as a primary resource for individuals and families in Northwest Louisiana. Through their dedication and partnerships with local agencies, they provide millions of pounds of food to low-income individuals and work towards their vision of ending hunger in the region. By supporting the food bank through donations and volunteering, individuals can make a significant impact in the fight against hunger in Northwest Louisiana.





Address: 285 Mt. Zion Rd.

Shreveport, LA 71106


Phone:  (318) 675-2400


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