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Food Finders Food Bank


Food Finders Food Bank

Food Finders Food Bank addressing Hunger and Advocating for Change



– Overview of the Finders and its mission to alleviate hunger in Indiana.

– Highlighting the importance of food banks in addressing food insecurity.


1. The Role of Food Finders Food Bank:

– Providing an overview of the Finders as a nationally funded food banks and community hunger advocacy organization.

– Highlighting the organization’s focus on serving Indiana’s Tippecanoe County and surrounding areas.


2. Fighting Food Insecurity:

– Exploring the extent of food insecurity in Indiana and the role of the Finders in addressing this issue.

– Discussing the impact of food banks in ensuring access to nutritious food for individuals and families in need.


3. Programs and Initiatives:

– Highlighting the various programs and initiatives implemented by the Finders to combat hunger.

– Discussing the food distribution system and partnerships with local organizations to reach a wider population.


4. Advocacy and Awareness:

– Emphasizing Food Finders Food Bank’s advocacy efforts to address the root causes of hunger and promote long-term solutions.

– Highlighting the organization’s role in raising awareness about food insecurity and fostering community engagement.


5. Volunteer Opportunities:

– Encouraging readers to get involved by volunteering with the Finders and making a difference in the fight against hunger.



– Reiterating the importance of the project in addressing hunger and advocating for change.

– Encouraging readers to support the organization’s mission and contribute to creating a hunger-free community.




Address: 1204 Greenbush Street

Lafayette, IN 47904


Phone:  765.471.0062


Social Media Links:





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