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GEF - Global Environment Facility


GEF Advances Environmental Action Worldwide.



The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is an organization at the forefront of environmental preservation, tirelessly driving positive change worldwide. With cross-cutting solutions and engagement with stakeholders, the GEF has reached significant milestones, showcasing their dedication to sustainability.

64th GEF Council Meeting:

A Game-Changing Biodiversity Fund Approved The landmark 64th GEF Council Meeting approved a revolutionary global biodiversity fund, aiming to conserve and protect biodiversity worldwide. The unanimous decision emphasizes the organization’s commitment to tackling environmental challenges.

The organization’s Council Grants $1.4 Billion to Amplify Environmental Action Leading environmental action, The organization’s Council allocated an impressive $1.4 billion to catalyze initiatives addressing urgent environmental concerns. This financial commitment empowers countries and organizations towards a greener future.

Seventh GEF Assembly:

Uniting for a Greener Tomorrow The Seventh GEF Assembly united stakeholders, fostering collaborations for environmental conservation.

GEF-8 Corporate Scorecard: Measuring Progress in June 2023 The GEF-8 Corporate Scorecard evaluates progress transparently, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement in achieving environmental goals.


Empowering Vulnerable States The GEF’s LDCF and SCCF support vulnerable states facing environmental challenges. These funds bolster resilience and foster sustainable development in climate-sensitive countries.

Grievance and Accountability Mechanisms: To ensure responsible and sustainable practices, The organization’s agencies have established independent Grievance and Accountability Systems. These systems are designed to address any complaints that may arise.

Role of the GEF Conflict Resolution Commissioner: The Global Environment Facility Conflict Resolution Commissioner plays a pivotal role in facilitating transparent conflict resolution processes. Directly reporting to the GEF CEO, the Commissioner acts as a neutral party to mediate and resolve conflicts.

Submitting a Complaint:

Any individual or group with concerns related to a GEF-funded project can lodge complaints through various channels.


GEF - Global Environment Facility
GEF – Global Environment Facility


Conflict Resolution Process:

Upon receiving complaints, the Conflict Resolution Commissioner acknowledges them and seeks clarifications as necessary. The focus is on engaging in constructive dialogue with stakeholders to explore potential solutions. The lessons learned from these experiences contribute to enhancing future project operations.

Annual Reports and Case Summaries:

The organization demonstrates its commitment to transparency and accountability by providing Annual Reports and case summaries. These reports highlight the efforts made in conflict resolution and shed light on emerging trends. Through this process, the Global Environment Facility aims to improve its overall performance continually.


The GEF’s dedication to conflict resolution underscores its commitment to responsible environmental projects. Through transparency, accountability, and stakeholder engagement, the Global Environment Facility ensures successful implementation for a greener and more sustainable world.




Address: Global Environment Facility 1899 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20006



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