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Greenpeace International todogod
Greenpeace International todogod


Greenpeace International – Protecting the Planet through Action and Awareness



Greenpeace International is a renowned international environmental organization that has been at the forefront of global campaigns and initiatives since its establishment in 1971. With a mission to preserve endangered species, prevent environmental abuses, and raise environmental awareness, Greenpeace aims to protect our planet for future generations.


Vision and Mission:

Greenpeace envisions a world where forests thrive, oceans teem with life, and endangered species find safety. The organization believes that well-being is measured by meaningful connections rather than material possessions. Their mission is to strive for delicious, nutritious food grown with care, fresh and clean air, and clean energy akin to a pristine mountain stream. Greenpeace aims to create a world where security, dignity, and joy are universal.


All Services Offered:

1. Environmental Campaigns:

Greenpeace is actively involved in a wide range of environmental campaigns that address pressing global issues such as climate change, deforestation, overfishing, and anti-nuclear campaigns. Through direct actions and viral videos, they effectively raise awareness and mobilize public opinion to drive positive change.


2. Advocacy and Awareness:

Greenpeace focuses on advocacy and raising environmental awareness to influence public and private sectors. They engage in peaceful confrontations with polluting corporations and governments, employing nonviolent actions such as blocking whaling harpoons and plugging toxic waste pipes. By utilizing their global network and community-based campaigning approach, Greenpeace works towards their goal of preserving the environment.


3. Research and Analysis:

Greenpeace invests in research and analysis to understand the environmental challenges we face. They operate Greenpeace Research Laboratories and collect statistical data on visitor usage to improve user experience on their website. This knowledge helps them develop effective strategies to combat issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, and deforestation.


4. Regional Offices and Partnerships:

Greenpeace operates through a network of independent national and regional organizations worldwide. Each office, including Greenpeace Africa, Greenpeace Australia/Pacific, and Greenpeace Europe, works in collaboration to address local environmental concerns and support global initiatives. These offices have their own locations and contact details, facilitating local engagement and activism.


5. Media Library:

To provide deeper insights into their work, Greenpeace offers an International Media Library where users can explore photos and videos related to their campaigns and initiatives. This resource allows individuals to witness the impact of their actions and stay informed about ongoing environmental efforts



Greenpeace International remains committed to protecting the planet through their unwavering dedication, campaigns, and initiatives. Their comprehensive approach includes environmental campaigns, advocacy, research, and partnerships to address global challenges. By raising awareness, influencing policies, and mobilizing communities, Greenpeace strives to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious world for future generations.



Address: Surinameplein 118, 1058 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands


Phone: +31 20 718 2000


Social Media Links:

Facebook: Greenpeace International

Twitter: Greenpeace

Instagram: Greenpeace

YouTube: Greenpeace International

LinkedIn: Greenpeace



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