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Irish Cancer Society


The Irish Cancer Society: A Comprehensive Overview


Introduction: The Society’s Beacon of Hope


The Irish Cancer Society, anchored on Northumberland Road, Dublin since 1999, serves as a luminous beacon, guiding those affected by cancer towards hope and healing. Comprising a diverse community of patients, survivors, health professionals, and avid volunteers, this society’s tireless efforts extend beyond medical treatment, encompassing the holistic well-being of each individual touched by this formidable ailment.


A Unified Mission and Vision


The Society’s Motto

The Irish Cancer Society envisages a future dominated by three key aspects:

  1. A significant reduction in cancer diagnoses.
  2. An increased number of individuals triumphing over their cancer battles.
  3. Universal access to premier treatment, care, and unwavering support.




The Ambitious Blueprint for the Future

By 2025, the society seeks to witness three out of every four cancer patients in Ireland victoriously emerge from their affliction. With a meticulous strategy fashioned in 2020, they aim to make this dream a reality, ensuring that no Irish citizen succumbs to this disease.


Diverse Partnerships: The Pillars of Strength


Engaging the Heart of Ireland

The society’s efforts transcend mere medical aid. They encompass raising awareness, forging powerful partnerships with local entities and charities, and providing essential support, especially to vulnerable communities.

Corporate Support: The Fuel for Progress

Businesses, both big and small, offer unwavering support, from strategic alliances to employee-driven fundraisers, playing a pivotal role in propelling the society’s mission.

Government Advocacy: Amplifying the Voice of the Afflicted

Patient-centric policies are at the forefront of the society’s advocacy efforts, urging the government to implement measures that both mitigate cancer’s prevalence and enhance survival rates.

Operational Backbone: Sourcing and Utilizing Funds

A staggering €20 million is raised annually to meet the society’s operational needs, given that state contributions account for a mere 3%. This funding is channeled towards providing cost-free cancer-related services, including information, care, and unwavering support.


Irish Cancer Society
Irish Cancer Society


Key Services and Support Structures


Holistic Support

Services From detailed insights into various cancer types and treatments to resources tailored for patients and their families, the society offers a comprehensive spectrum of support.

Making a Tangible Difference

Whether through fundraising events, volunteering, or monetary contributions, the society provides avenues for individuals to make a profound impact. Additionally, shopping enthusiasts can contribute to the cause while fulfilling their retail desires.

Engaging in Events

Participating in events like the ‘Marathon in a Month’, ‘Colour Dash 2023’, or the ‘Shave or Dye Challenge’ not only raises awareness but also fosters a sense of community.

Spotlight on Personal Journeys

Stories of resilience, such as those of Liam, Deirdre, Ian, and Mairead, shed light on personal battles and the significance of awareness and early detection.

Advocacy and Research: Changing the Landscape of Cancer in Ireland

The Current Scenario vs. Hopeful Future

Despite the daunting statistics of 2020, which saw over 45,000 diagnoses, the society remains optimistic. With the right knowledge and preventive measures, they believe four out of ten cancer cases can be averted.

Research and Innovation

Investing in groundbreaking research and encouraging participation in clinical trials are among the society’s top priorities. Through these efforts, they aspire to introduce more effective treatments and enhance patient experiences.

Concluding Thoughts

The Irish Cancer Society stands tall as a symbol of hope and resilience. By intertwining strategic collaborations, community engagement, and cutting-edge research, they work tirelessly towards a brighter, cancer-free Ireland. Their dedication resonates through every story, fundraiser, and volunteer hour. As the society continues its journey, it warmly welcomes all, whether they seek knowledge, support, or avenues to contribute.



Phone: +353 1800 200 700


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