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Jewish Women's Aid


Jewish Women’s Aid

Help line –  0808 801 0500


Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) is a UK-based organisation dedicated to eradicating abuse and domestic violence in the Jewish community. Jewish women and children who are victims of domestic abuse may access a variety of services and materials from the organisation, including advocacy assistance, practical guidance, and emotional support.

Jewish Women’s Aid offers a hotline that is accessible every day of the week, 24 hours a day. This is one of their main services. Women who are facing domestic violence or abuse may call this hotline for emotional assistance and useful information from experienced specialists. Family members and friends who are worried about a relative or acquaintance who could be abused can also call the hotline.

Moreover, Jewish Women’s Aid offers outreach assistance to Jewish communities all around the United Kingdom. This entails collaborating with synagogues, schools, and other neighbourhood groups to spread the word about domestic violence and to provide instruction and training on how to spot and handle abuse. Rabbis and other community leaders may get specific training from the organisation on how to help those who are victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Jewish Women’s Aid offers a variety of direct support services to those who are impacted by domestic violence and abuse in addition to its outreach programmes. This involves giving women and children who are escaping abusive circumstances access to emergency housing as well as counselling and therapy services to aid abuse victims in healing and recovery.

Jewish Women’s Aid’s dedication to addressing domestic violence and abuse within the Jewish community is one of its distinctive features. The organisation is aware that it might be more challenging for Jewish women to come out and ask for aid due to certain cultural and religious issues. Jewish Women’s Aid works to make sure that people who are impacted by domestic violence and abuse get the assistance and care they need by offering customised services that are catered to the requirements of the Jewish community.

Jewish Women’s Aid is a vital organisation that is significantly improving the lives of Jewish women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and violence. The company offers people who are at danger of harm the help and care they need via a variety of programmes and resources. Jewish Women’s Aid is assisting in the development of a more secure and compassionate society for everyone by working within the Jewish community to increase awareness and provide specialised assistance.



Phone:  +44 20 8445 8060

Address – London N3 9EG

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