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MANNA FoodBank


MANNA FoodBank

Involving, Educating, and Uniting People to End Hunger



MANNA FoodBank is a non-profit organization based in Asheville, North Carolina,  addressing food insecurity in Western North Carolina. With a mission to involve, educate, and unite people, MANNA collaborates with over 200 partner pantries and service organizations to distribute food to families in need. As a member of Feeding America, they contribute to the national effort to combat hunger. This article will explore the organization’s vision, mission, services, volunteer opportunities, and ways to make donations.

Vision and Mission

MANNA FoodBank’s vision is a hunger-free Western North Carolina. Their mission is to

  • involve,
  • educate, and
  • unite people in the effort to fight hunger.

All Services

MANNA FoodBank offers a range of services and programs to combat hunger and provide food assistance:

  1. Food Distribution: MANNA collaborates with over 200 partner pantries, meal sites, and community-based organizations to distribute free food access in 16 counties of western North Carolina. They work diligently to ensure individuals and families have access to the nutritious food they need.
  2. MANNA Mobile Markets: These mobile markets provide food assistance to various locations across the region. The markets offer dates, times, and addresses for each distribution point, allowing individuals to conveniently access free food.
  3. Direct Services: MANNA provides direct services to individuals in need, such as the Feeding Children programs, MANNA Packs, Summer Packs, and the MANNA Food Helpline. The MANNA Food Helpline assists residents in finding local food pantries or programs, offers support for signing up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and provides information on accessing food and nutrition services.
  4. Food Rescuing: MANNA focuses on rescuing fresh produce and sources food from the food industry, government programs, local donors, and purchases from second markets. This enables them to provide a diverse range of nutritious food options to the community.

Become a Volunteer

MANNA FoodBank relies on a network of dedicated volunteers to support their mission. Volunteers play a crucial role in sorting and delivering food to partner agencies, assisting with food distribution events, and supporting various programs. To become a volunteer and contribute to ending hunger in Western North Carolina, individuals can reach out to MANNA FoodBank through their website or contact them via email at

Make Donations

Donations are essential for MANNA FoodBank to continue their work in addressing food insecurity. There are several ways individuals can make a difference:

  1. Online Donations: MANNA FoodBank’s website offers a secure and convenient option for online donations. Interested donors can contribute any desired amount on a monthly basis, providing ongoing support to MANNA and the people they serve throughout the year.
  2. Donation Form: Donors can visit the donation page on the MANNA FoodBank website and complete the required information, including the donation amount, frequency, and payment details. Donors can choose to support MANNA directly or designate their donation to specific programs such as Packs for Kids.

MANNA FoodBank greatly appreciates the support and generosity of individuals who contribute to their mission of ending hunger in Western North Carolina.




Address: 627 Swannanoa River Road

Asheville, NC 28805-2445


Phone:  828-299-3663


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Linked in:—asheville-nc/

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