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Mississippi Food Network


Mississippi Food Network

Fighting Hunger, Nourishing Communities



The Mississippi Food Network (MFN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger and providing food assistance to individuals and families in need throughout the state of Mississippi. Through their programs and initiatives, they distribute a substantial amount of food and serve a significant number of people annually. Let’s delve into the work of the Mississippi Food Network and how they make a difference in the community.


Mission and Impact:

The food Network plays a crucial role in addressing food insecurity by distributing over 1.5 million pounds of food each month, which translates to feeding more than 150,000 individuals. In total, they serve approximately 1.8 million people per year, ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to nutritious meals. The organization’s commitment to fighting hunger is evident in their significant impact on the community.


Collaboration and Partnerships:

The Mississippi Food Network operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They work in collaboration with various partners, including local businesses, community organizations, and volunteers, to achieve their mission of ending hunger in Mississippi. Through these partnerships, they are able to maximize their reach and effectiveness in serving those in need.


Mississippi Food Network – Engagement and Outreach:

To raise awareness about their mission and engage the community, the Network maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook. Through these channels, they provide updates, share stories, and encourage individuals to get involved in their efforts to fight hunger. Their website,, serves as a comprehensive resource for information about their programs, events, and ways to support their cause.


Connecting with Feeding America:

The Food Network benefits from national support and resources. Through this affiliation, they contribute to the collective effort of addressing hunger on a broader scale. This connection enhances their ability to provide food assistance and expand their impact across the state.



The Mississippi Food Network plays a vital role in fighting hunger and nourishing communities throughout Mississippi. Through their extensive distribution of food and commitment to serving individuals and families in need, they make a significant impact on the lives of countless people each year. By collaborating with partners, engaging the community, and leveraging their affiliation with Feeding America, the Food Network continues to work towards their mission of ending hunger and building a stronger, healthier Mississippi.



Address: 440 W. Beatty Street

Jackson MS 39201


Phone:  (601) 353-7286


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