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North Enfield Foodbank


North Enfield Foodbank

North Enfield Foodbank is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to give food to people and families in Enfield who are experiencing financial trouble. The organisation is part of the Trussell Trust network, the biggest network of food banks in the United Kingdom, and collaborates with other community groups, charities, and churches to assist people in need.

Individuals and families who have been referred to the North Enfield Foodbank by partner organisations like as Citizens Advice, Jobcentre Plus, and local schools get a three-day emergency food supply. The recipient-specific food packages include a range of non-perishable foods, including canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, pasta, rice, soup, and long-lasting milk. Also, the group offers commodities such as toothpaste, soap, and sanitary supplies.

In addition to supplying food, the North Enfield Foodbank provides crisis-affected individuals and families with practical assistance and referrals to other agencies and organisations. This involves offering guidance and information on matters such as debt management, welfare eligibility, and housing. A listening ear and emotional support are also provided by the organisation to people who are suffering, which may be vital at difficult times.

The North Enfield Foodbank depends on contributions from people, companies, and community organisations to fund its operations. Contributions may be provided in the form of food, toiletries, and money, which is used to buy basic supplies and pay the organization’s operating expenses. Volunteers are also invited to assist with chores such as sorting and packaging contributions, delivering food packages, and fundraising.

Overall, the North Enfield Foodbank offers an essential service to individuals and families in the Enfield region who are experiencing financial trouble. In addition to providing necessary food supplies, its services also give practical assistance and referrals to other crisis-related resources. By collaborating with other community groups and depending on the generosity of donors and volunteers, the organisation is able to positively impact the lives of individuals in need.



Address: Jubilee Central Unit 2 Lumina Way Enfield Middlesex EN1 1FS


Phone:  07826 542119


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