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Northwest Arkansas Food Bank
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Northwest Arkansas Food Bank

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance to residents of Benton, Carroll, Washington, and Madison counties. A multitude of programs and services are provided by the organization to combat starvation in the region.

The mobile pantry is one of the Organization’s primary programs. The mobile pantry provides individuals in need with crates of non-perishable items, frozen protein, and fresh produce. Once a month, the mobile pantry makes 19 visits across Northwest Arkansas to distribute food to those in need. This program assists those with limited access to food pantries and community kitchens.

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In addition, the Organization runs a programme that helps schools stock their pantries. Students who do not have access to food in their homes are provided with nourishing lunches as part of this programme.

The programme helps more than 4,000 students in Benton, Carroll, Washington, and Madison counties. These counties are located in the state of Missouri. The local schools and the food bank work together on a programme to provide kids with access to healthy food. This programme is funded by the school supply programme.

SNAP programme

In addition to that, the Organization does outreach for the SNAP programme. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, often known as SNAP, is a programme run by the federal government that aids families with low incomes, children, and the elderly. People who are interested in receiving SNAP benefits may get assistance from the food bank, which also makes available relevant resources and information.

Partner organisations

The Organization relies heavily on the support of its partner organisations in its mission to alleviate poverty in the region. Over 110 soup kitchens, community pantries, and homeless shelters are part of a network that works together with the organisation to provide meals to those in need.

The partner organisations help the food bank in reaching persons who may not be able to participate in any of the other programmes that the food bank offers.

Emergency kits

In addition, the organisation distributes emergency kits to the local law enforcement authorities, hospitals, and volunteer paramedics in the community. These crates are stocked with non-perishable food products and are ready to be handed out in the event of an unexpected catastrophe.

In order to ensure that individuals in need have access to emergency food kits, the Organization works in conjunction with the local hospitals and law enforcement organisations in the area.

The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank plays a crucial part in the fight against the prevalence of food insecurity across the area. The organisation is working to ensure that citizens of Northwest Arkansas have access to nourishing food by providing services and programmes such as a mobile pantry, a school pantry program, SNAP outreach, partner organizations, and emergency food kits.

The Organization is an essential resource for individuals who are struggling to make ends meet and is helping to make a difference in the battle against hunger.



Address: 1378 June Self Drive

Springdale, AR 72764


Phone:  (479) 872-8774

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