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Orkney Foodbank


Orkney Foodbank

Helping Local People in Crisis

Orkney Foodbank is a vital organization established in 2013 by a group of Christians who recognized the urgent need for a food bank in Orkney. This organization aims to provide essential support to individuals and families facing crisis situations, including food poverty and fuel poverty. With the generous support of the community, Orkney Foodbank has become an integral part of The Trussell Trust’s nationwide network of foodbanks, focusing on combating poverty and hunger in the UK. In this article, we will explore the vision, mission, and various services offered by Orkney Foodbank.


The vision of Orkney Foodbank is to create a community where no one has to go hungry or suffer the consequences of food poverty. They strive to alleviate the immediate needs of individuals and families in crisis while also working towards long-term solutions to reduce the reliance on foodbanks in the future.


The mission of Orkney Foodbank is to provide emergency food assistance, along with basic toiletries, cleaning products, and electricity top-ups for individuals experiencing fuel poverty. By collaborating with referral agencies, including statutory and third sector organizations, they ensure that those facing crises receive the necessary support.

Services Offered:

  • Emergency Food Parcels: Orkney Foodbank offers nutritionally balanced food parcels to individuals and families in crisis. Food packages usually contain a variety of essentials, like morning cereals, soup, pasta, rice, pasta sauce, canned beans, canned meat or fish, canned vegetables, canned fruit, tea or coffee, long-life milk, sugar (if accessible), cookies, snacks, and fundamental toiletries/household cleaning items. All the food and items distributed are generously donated by the local community.
  • Fuel Poverty Assistance: In addition to food support, Orkney Foodbank addresses fuel poverty by providing electricity top-ups. This additional assistance ensures that individuals and families have access to essential utilities during challenging times.
  • Referral Agency Collaboration: Orkney Foodbank works closely with 33 referral agencies from both statutory and third sector organizations. These partnerships enable the identification of individuals in need and facilitate the distribution of foodbank vouchers. Trained volunteers warmly welcome visitors to the food bank upon presenting a voucher.
  • Donation Opportunities: The Foodbank heavily relies on the support and generosity of the community to continue their crucial work. Donations can be made online using the new donate button for one-off or monthly contributions. Selecting the Gift Aid option allows the organization to receive an additional 25p for every £1 donated. Donations can also be sent to their address or directly paid into their bank account. Setting up a Standing Order or considering a Legacy gift are other meaningful ways to contribute.
  • Fundraising Support: The Foodbank encourages fundraising efforts from individuals and organizations. They provide a fundraising booklet with helpful hints and ideas to support those interested in organizing events or campaigns to raise funds for the foodbank.


Orkney Foodbank plays a crucial role in supporting the local community of Orkney through its provision of urgent food aid and assistance to individuals and families experiencing challenging circumstances. With a focus on tackling food poverty and fuel poverty, they work in collaboration with referral agencies to ensure the most vulnerable receive the necessary aid. Through donations, both monetary and in-kind, and the dedicated efforts of volunteers, The Foodbank continues to make a significant impact in alleviating hunger and supporting those in need. Their vision for a hunger-free community drives their mission to provide immediate relief and work towards long-term solutions. By engaging with the community and fostering partnerships, Orkney Foodbank remains committed to making a positive difference in the lives of local people facing crises.


Address: Dunkirk, Shore Street, Kirkwall, KW15 1LG
Phone: 07719 293 378

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