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Ramapo - Bergen Animal Refuge


“The Heartbeat of Oakland, New Jersey: Ramapo – Bergen Animal Refuge and Its Noble Journey”


In the lush green environs of Oakland, New Jersey, there’s a sanctuary that reverberates with the soft purring of cats, the gentle barking of dogs, and the whispers of hope. This sanctuary, known as the Ramapo – Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI), has emerged as a cornerstone of compassion, giving countless animals a new lease on life.

A Sanctuary Born from Compassion:

Nestled amidst nature, RBARI is more than just a shelter. It’s a haven where animals find solace, love, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Their unwavering commitment to animal welfare is palpable, driven by a community that believes in second chances.

Connections that Count:

To truly understand the essence of RBARI, one must delve deeper into its offerings:

  • Contact Avenues: RBARI remains ever approachable at 201-337-5180 or via fax at 201-337-2040. While they generously open their doors to the public, certain services might necessitate prior appointments.
  • Adoption Odyssey: For animals, the road to finding a forever home often starts with RBARI. Prospective adopters can embark on this journey by scheduling an appointment, ensuring that every pet finds its perfect match.
  • Gifts of Generosity: Whether it’s toys, food, or monetary assistance, RBARI graciously accepts all forms of donations. Benefactors can conveniently place their offerings in bins situated near the shelter’s entrance.
  • Volunteer Valor: Individuals seeking a fulfilling experience can find it here. With several volunteering opportunities available, RBARI encourages the community to play an active role in its mission.





Moments of Triumph:

Behind every saved animal at RBARI, there’s a tale of resilience. Take Nugget, for instance. Despite the agonizing pain of a broken leg, Nugget found not only medical care but also love at RBARI. Stories like these are a testament to the refuge’s profound impact on animal lives.

Impacting the Community, One Paw at a Time:

Numbers often paint a vivid picture. In a year, RBARI has astonishingly handled 100 urgent rescues, facilitated 119 adoptions of smaller animals, and extended their love and care to a whopping 720 animals.

The Road to Making a Difference:

RBARI’s mission is vast, and they offer numerous avenues for individuals to contribute. Whether it’s by adopting, donating, volunteering, or even considering legacy gifts, every gesture counts.



The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge stands tall, embodying the power of community and compassion. It serves as a poignant reminder of the difference one can make. By embracing their mission, each of us can play a part in scripting tales of hope, love, and second chances for our furry companions.



Address: 2 Shelter Lane, Oakland, NJ 07436


Phone: 2013375180


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