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Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma


Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Nourishing Communities, Fighting Hunger



Located in Oklahoma City, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is a leading hunger-relief organization committed to addressing food insecurity in the state. With a wide range of programs and services, they work tirelessly to provide food assistance, support health initiatives, and advocate for vulnerable populations.


Vision and Mission

The Regional Food Bank envisions a future where no one in Oklahoma goes hungry. Their mission is to provide food and resources to individuals and families facing food insecurity, while also advocating for systemic changes to eliminate hunger altogether.


All Services

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma offers comprehensive services to combat hunger and support the community:


  1. Food Assistance: Through a network of pantries and programs, the organization provides essential food assistance to individuals and families in need. They distribute nutritious meals to over 136,000 Oklahomans every week, with a particular focus on supporting children, who make up 37% of those served.


  1. SNAP Benefits: The Regional Food Bank assists eligible households in accessing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Through their SNAP Outreach Specialists, individuals can receive guidance on the application process, including help with completing applications and recertification for existing recipients.


  1. Food and Fund Drives: To engage the community in the fight against hunger, the Regional Food Bank encourages individuals, organizations, and businesses to host food and fund drives. Through online fundraisers, team fundraisers, and traditional food drives, supporters can make a significant impact.


  1. Volunteering Opportunities: The Regional Food Bank relies on dedicated volunteers to sort, pack, and distribute food. Individuals and groups can contribute their time and energy to make a tangible difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity. Volunteering is a meaningful way to actively support the organization’s mission.


Make Donations

Financial contributions play a crucial role in the Regional Food Bank’s efforts to combat hunger. Donations from industry partners, community food drives, and individuals provide the necessary resources to distribute food and support programs. Additionally, supporters can contribute by purchasing Regional Food Bank merchandise or sending eCards in honor of loved ones.


Become a Volunteer

Joining the Regional Food Bank as a volunteer allows individuals to directly contribute to the fight against hunger. Whether it’s sorting food donations, assisting with distribution, or supporting fundraising events, volunteers play a vital role in the organization’s operations.



The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is a beacon of hope for individuals and families facing food insecurity. Through their comprehensive programs, food assistance, and advocacy efforts, they strive to create a hunger-free Oklahoma. By getting involved, whether through volunteering or making a donation, you can be part of the solution and help nourish communities in need.




Address: 3355 S. Purdue Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73179


Phone:  405-972-1111


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