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Safe Haven Foundation


Safe Haven Foundation: A Crusade Against Domestic Violence


A Beacon of Hope in the Darkness

In the daunting face of domestic violence, the Safe Haven Foundation (SHF) emerges as a beacon of hope and support. This pivotal non-profit organization is not merely an entity; it’s a movement, a crusade dedicated to eradicating the scourge of domestic abuse. With a mission resonating through every life they touch, SHF stands committed to dispelling the darkness of domestic violence, offering a blend of education, awareness, and tangible support.


The Education and Awareness Crusade

Central to SHF’s mission is the robust campaign to educate and raise community consciousness about domestic abuse. They delve deep into researching the intricate dynamics of domestic violence, providing insightful support to those ensnared in violent homes. Their efforts extend beyond mere study; they amplify their findings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the magnitude and implications of domestic abuse.


Holistic Healing: More Than Just a Shelter

SHF transcends advocacy, offering a sanctuary for victims and their children. This safe space begins the healing process for the wounds of abuse. Their holistic approach encompasses empowerment through skill-building programs, equipping survivors with psychological and practical tools for self-reliance, guiding them towards a new dawn of independence and strength.


Legal Support: Advocating for the Voiceless

Navigating the complex path to justice, SHF offers critical legal advice and referrals for victims of domestic, sexual, and child abuse. They advocate within legal and human services systems, ensuring that the voices of victims are heard and their rights upheld.


Diverse Strategies for Healing and Prevention

Adopting a multifaceted strategy, SHF not only supports victims but also reaches out to those who have witnessed violence, especially the youth. By addressing the cycle of violence from various angles, they foster profound societal change, aiding individuals of all ages in discovering healthier ways to handle power dynamics and conflicts.


Breaking the Silence: Shattering the Chains of Abuse

Embodying the ethos that “Domestic abuse thrives only in silence,” SHF actively works to break this silence. Every program, research initiative, and sheltered individual contributes to the monumental task of dismantling the foundations of domestic violence.


Advocacy Efforts: A Societal Issue

SHF’s advocacy extends to raising awareness in both government and non-government sectors, emphasizing the broad impact of domestic violence. They engage in educating young people, creating domestic violence awareness clubs in schools, and recognizing the significance of early intervention.


Counseling Services: Emotional Healing

Understanding that emotional wounds can linger, SHF provides counseling in a secure, confidential setting. Survivors are offered a platform to express their emotions, guided towards healing and moving forward.


Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programs (DVPP)

Acknowledging the effectiveness of perpetrator programs in reducing violence, SHF is developing re-education programs to reform the behavior of perpetrators, prioritizing the safety of women and children.


Legal Advice and Referral Services

SHF extends support by providing legal referrals and community information, connecting clients with a network of service providers.


Research and Publication: Informing Policy and Practice

Dedicated to comprehensive research on domestic violence, SHF’s findings inform policy development and enhance support for those affected. This research also supports the development of high-quality services and training for stakeholders.


Temporary Shelter: A Bridge to a Violence-Free Future

Aligned with the United Nations and the Beijing Declaration, SHF’s Safe Haven Shelter project offers up to 30 days of free temporary shelter. This initiative is more than a shelter; it’s a comprehensive program providing counseling, support groups, skill development, legal advice, and childcare.


Conclusion: Joining Hands in the Fight

The Safe Haven Foundation’s work exemplifies the power of collective effort in combating domestic violence. They invite everyone to join in their noble cause, emphasizing that domestic abuse is not just a personal issue; it’s a societal one. Together, we can turn the tide against domestic violence, lighting the way to a safer, kinder world.





Phone: 234 – 009 291 0667

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