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Sisters Network - Women's Battle Against Breast Cancer


Sisters Network Inc.

The Vanguard of African American Women’s Battle Against Breast Cancer

In the expansive universe of breast cancer awareness and advocacy, one name echoes with particular resonance: Sisters Network Inc. A national force, this organization takes center stage in addressing the unique tribulations faced by African American women. Beyond mere awareness, they serve as a nexus of support, education, and advocacy. This article endeavors to provide an in-depth exploration of the myriad facets of Sisters Network Inc., highlighting their pivotal role in reshaping the narrative of breast cancer in the African American community.



1. The Core Mission:


  • Raising Awareness:

Anchoring itself in the heart of a vital cause, Sisters Network Inc. tirelessly works to illuminate the breast cancer challenges faced by the African American populace. By championing awareness and education, they ensure the severity of this issue reverberates from community streets to legislative corridors.

  • An Umbrella of Support:

An extensive network of 25+ survivor-led affiliate chapters spread across major U.S. cities forms the backbone of the organization. These chapters, more than just support groups, are sanctuaries offering both emotional succor and pragmatic assistance to those embroiled in the breast cancer fight.

  • Bridging Healthcare Chasms:

Recognizing the stark healthcare disparities, Sisters Network Inc. pushes the envelope in ensuring black women’s access to mammogram screenings, top-tier care, and indispensable information. It’s a relentless pursuit to level the healthcare playing field.


2. The Pillars of Advocacy:


Sisters Network Inc. transcends traditional boundaries. They don’t just raise voices; they empower them. Through intensive advocacy training for their survivor and ambassador affiliates, they enable proactive change-making on both state and federal terrains. Every trained advocate becomes a beacon, illuminating the path towards a healthier, more informed African American community.


3. Resources and Support Mechanisms: a. Informative Brochures:


Printed words can wield immense power, and Sisters Network Inc. harnesses this through national brochures. These provide pivotal information, augmenting awareness and emphasizing breast health’s significance.

  • News and Updates:

Stay abreast of the organization’s latest endeavors, events, and milestones through regular news and press releases.

  • Visual Narratives:

Their photo gallery unveils a tapestry of events, survivor testimonials, and community impacts, encapsulating the essence of their mission.

  • Comprehensive Resource Hub:

From financial aid to referral services, the organization offers a one-stop resource center, ensuring no survivor feels alone or unsupported.

  • Signature Initiatives:

The “Stop the Silence® Walk” stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to fostering dialogue, promoting early detection, and celebrating survivorship. Further, the Pink Ribbon Awareness Initiative, rooted in faith, seeks to elevate mammogram rates and breast care knowledge within the community.

  • Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Through webinars, Sisters Network Inc. disseminates knowledge on a plethora of breast cancer-related topics, ensuring the community remains informed and empowered.

  • Financial Assistance:

The Karen E. Jackson Breast Cancer Assistance Program stands as a beacon for those in active treatment, offering financial relief and ensuring treatments remain uninterrupted.

  • Collaborative Support:

By partnering with renowned organizations like the American Cancer Society, Sisters Network Inc. ensures survivors have access to a plethora of additional support services.




4. Engage and Make a Difference: a. Volunteer Opportunities:


Sisters Network Inc. opens its doors to all willing to make a tangible difference. Through volunteering, individuals can further amplify the organization’s efforts, making a profound impact on countless lives.



In a world brimming with challenges, especially for African American women combating breast cancer, Sisters Network Inc. emerges as more than just an organization. It’s a movement, a lifeline, a promise of unity, and empowerment. Through their multifaceted strategies spanning awareness, support, education, and advocacy, they stand at the forefront of change, ensuring every African American woman’s battle against breast cancer is neither fought alone nor in silence.




Address: National Headquarters / 9668 Westheimer Rd., Ste. 200-132 / Houston, TX 77063




Phone: 866-781-1808



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