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SPNI - Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel


SPNI – Preserving Israel’s Natural Heritage



The organization holds a prestigious reputation and holds significant influence in the field of environmental conservation. Its primary objective is the protection and preservation of Israel’s abundant natural resources, ensuring the sustainability of its environment, preserving its diverse range of species, and safeguarding the distinctive topography. With a rich history dating back to 1953, SPNI has played a vital role in preserving Israel’s diverse ecosystems and fostering a sustainable future for the country.


SPNI envisions a flourishing Israel where nature and humans coexist harmoniously. Their vision encompasses vibrant ecosystems, abundant biodiversity, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.


SPNI is dedicated to accomplishing its vision through the following missions:

Preserving Biodiversity and Natural Environments:

SPNI actively engages in conservation efforts to protect Israel’s unique habitats, including wetlands, coastal areas, and open landscapes. Their initiatives focus on preserving critical ecosystems and addressing environmental challenges.

Environmental Education:

SPNI places great emphasis on environmental education, involving over 50% of Israeli children and teens in programs aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship. Through initiatives like “Children Make a Difference” and “Obligated to the Environment,” SPNI empowers young generations to become environmental advocates.

Community Engagement:

SPNI actively collaborates with communities, schools, policymakers, and youth groups across Israel. They establish eco-community centers, orienteering groups, and urban branches to engage people and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Conservation and Restoration:

SPNI campaigns for the conservation and restoration of various ecosystems, including wetlands, rivers, and the iconic Sea of Galilee. They work towards sustainable agriculture, integrated coastal management, and pollution prevention to ensure a healthier environment.

Nature Study and Environmental Tourism:

SPNI’s field schools and the Israel Trails Committee play significant roles in promoting nature study and environmental tourism. They maintain trails, organize educational programs, and encourage individuals to explore and appreciate Israel’s natural wonders.



The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is a pioneering organization that has dedicated decades to preserving Israel’s natural heritage and promoting sustainable practices. Through their conservation efforts, environmental education initiatives, community engagement, and nature study programs, SPNI strives to create a future where Israel’s environment thrives, and people cherish and protect their natural surroundings.




Phone:  1-800-411-0966


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Address: 15 East 40th Street, Suite 904, New York, NY 10016


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