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Coalition for the Homeless
Coalition for the Homeless group


The Coalition for the Homeless

The Coalition for the Homeless is a non-profit organization based in New York City that has been working since 1979 to provide housing and other critical services to the homeless. They provide a variety of programs, ranging from crisis intervention and economic support to job training, advocacy, and youth services. With the help of corporate and individual donations, they are able to serve over 3,500 homeless people each day in some of New York’s most impoverished neighborhoods. Through their comprehensive range of aid, they have helped countless individuals overcome homelessness and poverty by providing them with access to permanent housing, health care, education, nutrition, employment opportunities and more.


Helping those in need on a personal level, The Coalition for the Homeless also engages in policy change initiatives to address systemic causes of homelessness. They actively advocate for increased affordable housing resources as well as improved access to benefits such as welfare assistance or disability insurance. Ultimately their goal is to create systemic change that will reduce homelessness by ensuring that everyone has the opportunity for safe shelter and the resources necessary for success.


The Coalition for the Homeless provides a wide range of services to individuals living in poverty and facing homelessness, including:

  • Crisis Intervention: Helping those in immediate need of assistance
  • Economic Support: Providing access to financial assistance programs
  • Job Training: Offering job-readiness training, skills development and career counseling
  • Advocacy: Working to create systemic change that improves housing options for the homeless
  • Youth Services : Supporting young people as they transition into adulthood


In addition to these services, The Coalition for the Homeless also leads policy efforts at both local and national levels. They collaborate with public and private organizations in order to ensure that laws are in place that protect those most vulnerable and help end cycles of poverty. In 2017, they successfully worked to pass the Homeless Bill of Rights in New York City, which established legal protections for individuals living on the streets.


129 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038

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