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Treasure Coast Food Bank


The Treasure Coast Food Bank

The Treasure Coast Food Bank, sometimes known as TCFB, is a charitable organisation that distributes food to those in need in the Treasure Coast area of Florida. Since its inception in 1988, the TCFB has been dedicated to lessening the prevalence of food insecurity and hunger in the local community. The Treasure Coast Food Bank has grown to become the most prominent hunger-relief organisation on the Treasure Coast via its dedication to meeting the dietary requirements of individuals who are hungry. The following will provide the information necessary to understand TCFB and how it works.

Directly into the programmes

Achieving the maximum possible level of productivity while simultaneously meeting the requirements of people in need is one of the primary objectives of the TCFB. 97% of the resources provided are put directly into the programmes that help the community, with just 3% going towards administrative costs. Through its network of more than 300 partner organisations and its own direct service programmes, TCFB helps provide assistance to close to one hundred thousand people every single week. The goal of these programmes is to make wholesome meals accessible to individuals of all ages, including younger children, older citizens, and military veterans.

In the year 2020, TCFB counted more than 8,000 volunteers who together contributed more than 36,000 hours of service to the community. The Third Coast Food Bank relies heavily on the assistance of volunteers in all aspects of its functioning, including the organisation and distribution of food as well as the coordination of fundraising activities. TCFB also provides chances for individuals, schools, and other organisations to donate their time.

partner organisations

More than 300 partner organisations that feed the needy receive donated food and other necessities from the TCFB, which the organisation then distributes to them. These partner agencies help those in need in a variety of ways, such as by providing food pantries, shelters, shelters with soup kitchens, and soup kitchens. Additionally, the TCFB runs a number of programmes that provide direct services, such as the Mobile Pantry programme, which delivers food to those who live in regions that are underserved. During the winter vacations, the Food for households programme of the TCFB distributes food to low-income households.

Environment sustainable

Additionally, TCFB is dedicated to minimising food waste and fostering an environment that is sustainable. Gleaning is a programme run by the organisation that involves collecting extra food from local farms so that it may be given to those who are struggling financially. In addition, the TCFB runs a top-of-the-line food production kitchen, which is responsible for preparing nutritious meals for the community’s junior citizens and senior citizens.

In summing up, the Treasure Coast Food Bank is an organisation that is focused on alleviating food insecurity as well as hunger in the Treasure Coast area of Florida. The Treasure Coast Food Bank has grown to become the most prominent hunger-relief organisation on the Treasure Coast by emphasising the distribution of healthy food to individuals of all ages. Nearly one hundred thousand people are assisted each week by TCFB thanks to the network of partner organisations and direct service programmes it maintains. TCFB is able to continue to have a positive impact in the lives of those who are struggling with food insecurity because to the support of the community and the contributions of volunteers.



Address: Treasure Coast Food Bank

401 Angle Road

Fort Pierce, FL 34947

Phone: 772.489.3034

Whole Child Connection

3816 SE Dixie Hwy, Stuart,

Stuart, FL 34997

Phone: 772.489.3034

Health & Wellness Center

1203 Orange Ave

Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Phone: 772.489.3034

Production Kitchen

3051 Industrial 25th Street

Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Phone: 772.489.3034


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