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United Food Bank
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United Food Bank

United Food Bank is a non-profit organization that distributes food to individuals in need in the East Valley and Eastern Arizona. Organization, founded in 1983, distributes food through its programs, including The Emergency Food Assistance Program and grocery rescue program, to more than 150 agency partners. Additionally, the organization organizes community food drives and accepts contributions from individual donors and Grocery Partners.

The Organization provides daily sustenance to approximately 49,000 individuals, which is a significant number. The organization seeks to aid the community by addressing issues of food insecurity and malnutrition. They are members of the Association of Arizona Food Banks, the umbrella organization for the state’s five regional food banks.

Organization’s distribution model consists of providing food to food pantries, meal locations, and after-school youth meal programs, as well as distributing food themselves via their mobile pantries and Help Yourself Program. In addition, the organization provides a Grocery Rescue Program that recovers and preserves food from grocery stores and other sources, thereby preventing food waste and redirecting it to those in need.

The Grocery Partners program of Organization allows grocery stores to donate their excess food instead of discarding it, which not only prevents food waste but also provides wholesome, nutritious food to those in need. Additionally, the organization conducts periodic food collections, which are an excellent way to get involved and support their efforts.

In addition to food distribution, Organization receives food, monetary, and volunteer contributions. Five meals are provided to the community for every dollar donated to the organization. The organization values its volunteers and is pleased to report 29,052 volunteer hours per year, which is a testament to the volunteers’ commitment and the community’s support.



Address: 245 S. Nina Dr.

Mesa, AZ 85210


Phone:  (480) 926-4897


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