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World Food Relief


World Food Relief

World Food Relief is a non-profit organisation dedicated to combating global hunger. The group seeks to develop long-term and sustainable strategies to eliminate hunger and poverty, striving towards a society where everyone has access to nourishing food.

The organisation has been giving life-saving relief to individuals in need in some of the world’s most destitute regions for almost three decades. World Food Relief has changed millions of lives by delivering food, clean water, and medical supplies to people afflicted by poverty and natural catastrophes. This has been made possible by a team of committed volunteers and employees.

In the aftermath of natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, World Food Relief offers emergency response services. Their expert crew works relentlessly to offer urgent food, water, and shelter to people impacted by the disaster. Also, the charity offers medical attention and vital goods to assist the wounded and displaced.


The food aid initiatives of World Food Relief are intended to deliver meals to individuals suffering from hunger and malnutrition. The charity collaborates with local partners to support individuals in need via food distribution facilities, soup kitchens, and food vouchers. In addition to delivering meals, the charity addresses the root causes of hunger, such as poverty and lack of education, by offering training and tools to assist people and families become self-sufficient.

Global Food Relief understands that investing in sustainable agricultural initiatives is one of the most effective methods to prevent hunger. The group collaborates with local farmers and communities to promote sustainable agricultural practises, boost crop yields, and enhance food security. These initiatives assist farmers in cultivating nutritious crops that may be sold at local markets, therefore providing a source of income and enhancing community access to healthy food.

The community development activities of World Food Relief are centred on enabling people and communities to find long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty and hunger. The organisation offers education and training programmes to assist people in acquiring the skills necessary to care for themselves and their families. These programmes consist of vocational training, financial education, and company development instruction.

World Food Relief provides a number of volunteer options for individuals and organisations that wish to make a difference in the battle against hunger. Volunteers may participate in food distribution, lobbying, fundraising, and community engagement projects. Also, the organisation provides internships and scholarships to people seeking meaningful experience in international development.




Address: World Food Relief 85 Great Portland Street First Floor London W1 W7LT


Phone: +442034686820


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