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Terms & Condition

Terms of use

Terms of use

We thank you for choosing to log in to use the Todogod services (hereinafter: the "Service" or "Todogod"). The use of the service is offered subject to the regulations below. Use of the service, including the consumption of the content and/or the provision of the content and/or the creation of the content and/or the editing of the content and/or the collection of the content and/or any other use of the service constitutes your agreement to these terms.

These terms have been drafted in order to inform you of your rights and obligations as a user of Todogod, and to understand how Todogod's service works. Before we get into the legal text, we want you to understand, in simple Hebrew, the main points of the statute:
  • Todogod is a service that allows business users and social organizations to provide end users with information and services, based on mutual guarantees, social relationships or other conditions.
  • In the option of the users, the businesses and the social organizations offer the end user information, content and services through the Todogod service. However, this does not mean that Todogod is responsible for these contents, information and services. Todogod is a platform only, which connects the end users, as a customer, to the business or the party responsible for providing the information and/or content and/or services.
  • Also, the user can rate the businesses and information based on the user's experience, in order to create a community based on mutual guarantee for the provision of reliable and high quality information and services.
  • When you use the Service, Todogod may save and/or store information relating to the User. Todogod can send the user updates and/or other offers tailored based on the information. The user has the option, through a message, to waive receiving the updates and/or offers.
  • The two basic things to which the user agrees by approving these regulations:
    • Todogod is not responsible for the use of the service and/or the content offered, the responsibility lies with the businesses and the authors;
    • Todogod is a community that strives to create and filter the highest quality content, information and services for the well-being of its users. The more the user (you) will be active within the community, the more the user will help us build the highest quality and most influential community in the world.
  • You are requested to read these regulations paying thorough attention to its details, as your rights and obligations are determined within it. By browsing the site and consuming the content and/or providing the content and/or creating the content and/or editing the content and/or collecting the content and/or any other use of the service as a result of your work, you give your consent and unconditionally accept what is stated in these regulations; Also, you give your consent that Todogod will not be responsible for any damage, cost, expense, inconvenience of any kind whatsoever in any matter and for any reason or cause whatsoever (contractual, tortious, or otherwise) including your use of the service and/or any activity otherwise offered by Todogod. Your irrevocable consent to the denial of Todogod's liability is a necessary and preliminary condition for the permission granted to you to use the service. service.

Introduction and definitions

  • "The Service" or "Todogod" - a platform for creating content and/or providing content and/or consuming content, including what is detailed in section 2 below.
  • "Content" - the term "content" includes: (a) images, videos, text, visual information, descriptions, form of submission or parts thereof used to provide the service; (b) images, text, visual information, descriptions, form of submission or parts thereof that appear on the platform; and (c) images, videos, text, visual information, descriptions, form of submission or parts thereof that are linked to third parties.
  • "Appropriate Content" - the term "Appropriate Content" is reasonable content under the circumstances, content that is not offensive, content that does not violate the rights of Todogod and/or users of the service, content that does not violate the rights of third parties, all of this including (a ) Content that does not violate intellectual property rights, including: copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, model or any other intellectual property right; (b) does not invade privacy; (c) does not contain text and/or image and/or pornographic image and/or nudity and/or profanity and/or sexual activity and/or sexual innuendo and/or obscenity and/or any content that may cause sexual harm; (d) defamation and/or damage to a person's good name; (e) Hateful and/or racist content including: expressions of hatred, racist opinions, incitement to violence or content that amounts to harm based on belonging to a certain group; (f) Content that amounts to fraud and/or deception and/or conspiracy and/or collusion, including: running stocks, conspiracies, distorting capital markets, creating a business method that is not approved by law (including "pyramid method"), phishing or any activity otherwise whose purpose is the illegal removal of tangible or intangible property; (g) Content that directly competes with the Service.
  • The regulations below are worded in the masculine language for convenience only, the regulations apply to both women and men.
  • The headings and oil are for convenience only and shall not be used to interpret the agreement in any way that is essential.
  • Any instructions and/or instructions that will be published within the service from time to time will be binding in addition to these regulations.
  • Todogod reserves the right to make changes to these regulations. By agreeing to these regulations, the user assumes full responsibility for the provisions of these regulations and the instructions that may be published from time to time.
  • The advertisement appearing within the service does not constitute a recommendation for the purchase of the products and/or the receipt of the services offered therein.
  • Registration: By registering for the Todogod service, you acknowledge and accept these terms and agree to be bound by them. In order to use the Todogod service, you will be required to keep your account information secure, as detailed below. In order to use the services, you will first be required to open a user account, where such an account will be used by the private user to provide ratings and responses to businesses, social organizations and content, and the business user/social organization to create and distribute content, to collect into the hands of customers or to create affiliate sales, all in accordance with these conditions.
  • Registering as an Individual Customer: If you choose to register for the Service by providing your email address, then Todogod may send you a message to verify your email address and send notifications to the email address you provided. In the mail in question, Todogod may include information or a link to verify your mail account as the owner of the address. You warrant that the email address you provided to Todogod is yours and your sole property.
  • Qualification: You are of legal age, and able to enter into the terms of this agreement. You are not prohibited from entering into this agreement by any governmental authority and/or by Todogod. Also, if the account is opened for a corporation, then you declare that you have the authority to open the account for a corporation.
  • Residence: You do not live in an enemy country.
  • Insolvency: You are not insolvent and have not filed for bankruptcy, liquidation, settlement of issues or lost your ability to enter into agreements such as these Terms of Use.

The service

  • Todogod will enable the user to use the following, which together are defined as the "Service". Todogod reserves the right to add and/or subtract from the service provided at its sole discretion. Todogod reserves its right to exclusive discretion regarding the availability of the service on the various platforms, including the manner in which the service will not be available on every platform, when the service and/or part of it will be available only on a mobile platform and/or on the network platform.
  • Business service: a service provided by Todogod to a business or a social organization or a private user. Todogod will allow the business to provide the users of the service with practical information and additional services through the management system on the website. The business service will make the following services available to the business user:
    • Practical content: Todogod will allow the creation of practical content that may be shown to its users (subject to the approval of the site administrator), this in accordance with other terms of use. Todogod's policy is that the content you provide to its customers will be exclusive to its customers and will not be published on any other website published to the general public (not even on the user's website) and subject to the approval of the content by the site manager and/or the editor-in-chief. On top of the content you can publish a box for receiving "leads" of customers interested in your services.
    • Editing content: Todogod will allow the user to edit the content published on the site, subject to the approval of the content by the site manager and/or the editor-in-chief.
    • Ratings and comments: Todogod will allow community members to rate and comment on the user's business profile, as well as the content that is published, in order to allow community members to choose quality and reliable service providers based on the community members' user experience. In addition, the purpose of ratings and comments is to allow the user to improve the services and products you provide to community members. If there are any claims regarding ratings and/or responses that are not justified, you can contact the system by contacting us by e-mail. Todogod undertakes to check the request. Todogod reserves the right to suspend and/or delete from the website users and/or content with a rating lower than 2 stars, this in order to protect the members of the community and/or preserve the quality of content and content providers and/or the reputation of the service.
    • Collection of "leads": Todogod will allow advertising on the user profile and/or articles, a box for receiving "leads" from interested customers in exchange for a monetary reward that will be paid to Todogod for each customer who is interested in your services. A change in the price of the lead and/or customer will be possible on the 15th of each month or by receiving approval from the site administrator. The business user undertakes to publish the business phone number using a unique phone number that will be provided to you by Todogod, in order to allow Todogod to track Effectively follow the customers referred to the business user. For the avoidance of doubt - a customer referral and/or "lead" is any customer who left details on the user's pages and/or contacted the business user through the Todogod platform if more "leads" or inquiries were transferred to the business user in such a way that he cannot handle the quantity Said, he can ask the Todogod company to sell them to a third party in exchange for a 5% commission that the business user (the original) will earn from the total sale (less a 5% commission for the agent if any). The Todogod company is entitled to set a minimum price "per lead" by category, the minimum price will determine the lowest level from which the business users will offer a reward to the Todogod company in each of their campaigns. A business user will be entitled to stop using the website if the minimum price determined by Todogod is higher than the price he is willing to pay. If the service is stopped, the referral of customers through the platform will stop. For the avoidance of doubt, a business user may not sell or transfer customer referrals (leads) received in his account to any party and these referrals are for his use only.
    • Additional details: Todogod will allow the business user to provide additional details about his business, including descriptions, videos, photos and advertising content as he sees fit.
    • Recommendations: Todogod will allow the business user to present recommendations on businesses and/or other content from around the site and in return earn commissions from potential customers who will leave details in the box for collection on the profiles or articles that you recommend (commissions will only be paid for approved referrals and after they have been paid to Todogod) , Todogod reserves the right to determine the reward that will be received for each "lead", and its right to publish the data in the personal area, in such a way that the user can choose which content to recommend based on the price for the referral and the quality of the content. .
    • Publishing affiliate links: Todogod will allow you to publish affiliate links on your profile and on the article pages (links to third-party websites or your website) in exchange for a share in the profits that will be generated due to the referrals from the advertising account - 45% will be earned by the advertising business and 55% will be earned by Todogod (if not specified) otherwise).. If the Affiliate links are managed through Todogod, the Affiliate account will be exclusively owned by Todogod and it will report to you once a month for the performance of the links shared with you only. If you manage the affiliate links, the account will be jointly owned by you and Todogod, you will report to her about the performance of the account and Todogod will have full access to the account at all times.
    • Distribution of commissions from recommendations and affiliate links: Todogod will pay commissions only to legally registered businesses and only against an invoice, the commissions will be paid from a minimum amount of NIS 400 cumulative and only after the money has been paid to Todogod. In addition, a business will be able to use the commissions earned to pay for Todogod's services or to donate the funds through the Todogod Foundation.
    • Affiliate link to your website: Todogod allows the business client to publish a link to an external website in exchange for PPC, CPL, CPC that will be determined in advance between the business client and Todogod. If the external website is connected to an affiliate program, Todogod reserves the right to use it. And if the external website is not connected to an affiliate program, the business customer undertakes to connect to an affiliate program that Todogod will provide you.
      • Members Club: Todogod may allow businesses to run a members club.
      • Rights on user information: Todogod is the sole and exclusive owner of all customer information, business account holders may only contact customers who have left contact information or tried to call the business by phone. The owner of the business account is not allowed to transfer customer information to third parties, Todogod considers this action serious and will block any user account that does so and may even file a lawsuit.
      • Payment: Todogod may charge a fee for some services.
      • Payment from businesses: Todogod allows businesses to connect to the service, as of now, on the basis of payment for customer referrals, percentage of sales and payment for clicks. However, Todogod will be entitled to collect money from businesses for value-added services such as managing a customer club, correspondence with customers or promoted advertising in social networks and search engines. Payment for the services will be made in front of Todogod by credit card or bank transfer. In the event that you request to terminate your contract, Todogod will collect the balance of the payment determined for the services it has provided for you, or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is higher.

The Partner program

  • Affiliate Program: Todogod may operate an affiliate program and will initially allow users to earn commissions. In the first step there are 3 types of users, we will list them all and write down what rights and what duties each one has. Each business customer is subject to the regulations of the partner program and these terms of service if another agreement has been signed with him and it has been stated that the force of the agreement is stronger than the regulations and the user conditions.
    • Business/company/social organization owner - the main business or company owner to publish content through his business account, publish outgoing links to his website and other websites, he can collect hot leads from interested customers and incoming calls, he is not allowed to transfer the referrals to a third party ,.
    • Can write and publish quality content (subject to the approval of the site administrator).
    • In addition, a content writer will be able to publish only with Todogod's approval, a box for receiving leads on the articles and the Todogod company will have the exclusive right to sell the leads collected on the content. According to these conditions (see section 9.7 and 9.8).
    • For the avoidance of doubt, the Todogod company can change the conditions for partners according to its needs. The company has the right to reject, suspend or delete partners who have violated the user conditions or at its discretion for any reason, terminate their account or the content network they created, stop their activity and cancel all The fees due to him from the moment she decided to do this and sent him an email. Todogod has the right to delete content from the site permanently and without prior notice at its discretion.
    • Partners undertake that the content they publish on Todogod is exclusive, original and not published anywhere else, including past, present and future internet platforms. A user who violates this condition will be permanently deleted from the website and service and will be required to compensate Todogod for the amount of the damage caused.
    • Payment of commissions: The payment of commissions to partners will be made only after the payment enters the bank account of the Todogod company. Commissions will only be paid for confirmed leads/sales, no commissions will be paid for leads/sales in other statuses.
  • The security of your account: Depending on the sensitivity of the information stored in the service and the potential risk, you will be required to enter a password for your account. Please note that Todogod recommends using strong passwords (like ^e6usrh$@V&K% or correcthorsebatterystaple, but don't use both of these) and that using the same password for more than one user on one site is bad behavior.
  • Security of your account: Depending on the sensitivity of the information stored in the service and the potential risk, you will be required to enter a password for your account. Please note that Todogod recommends using strong passwords (like ^e6usrh$@V&K% or correcthorsebatterystaple, but don't use both of these) and that using the same password for more than one user on one site is bad behavior.
  • Sharing login information: You are expressly prohibited from sharing your username and password with third parties.
  • Notification: You are required to notify Todogod, immediately, in any case in which you believe that your account has been hacked and in any case in which you are informed of unauthorized use of your Todogod account.
  • Content search: Todogod will allow searching for content, social organizations and businesses, whether by keywords, business name.
  • Advertisements: Todogod may display advertisements to you on the Service. These advertisements may be provided by third parties and Todogod does not guarantee their quality.
  • Sharing on social networks: Todogod will allow posting of content to social networks at the user's discretion and sole responsibility.
  • Inviting friends: Todogod will allow the user to invite additional friends to use the service, either by sending text messages or through the various social networks.
  • Negative feedbacks: Any person who gives negative feedback must publish contact information (minimum email) and undertakes to answer the site manager for the purpose of clarifying the feedback and proving a bad service/product. A surfer who gives negative feedback and does not respond to the site manager for clarification will have his response deleted.

Authorization to use and use the service

  • It is hereby clarified that the registration and/or use of the service is limited to those aged 14 and over. The use of the service under the age of 14 is strictly prohibited. It is also clarified that the use of a credit card within the service is limited to 16 years and older! The use of a credit card under the age of 16 is strictly prohibited! Registering and/or using the service [including: (a) payment and/or receiving payment through websites and/or users and/or sellers and/or directly and/or indirectly linked to the service; (b) providing details in general and identifying details in particular; (c) providing sensitive information; (d) giving his consent to the collection and storage of information; and (e) giving his consent to the publication of the information] is hereby conditioned on the user being of legal age and legally competent to perform binding legal actions. A minor and/or a person who is incompetent to perform legal actions without a guardian's approval, will consider their use of the service as approved by the guardian authorized to give the necessary consent under the circumstances.
  • Please note that submitting false personal details is a criminal offense as stated in the Penal Law, 1977-1977 and is strictly prohibited.
  • I confirm that all the details I provided above are correct and complete and I am entitled to provide them.
  • I know that there is no legal obligation for me to provide my details and that these details will be kept in Todogod's databases and will be used as specified in sections 48-55 of these regulations. Also, I know that giving my details may harm my privacy.
  • Todogod reserves the right to cancel, at its sole discretion, a user's permission to use the service. Without detracting from the generality of what is stated in this section, Todogod reserves the right to revoke, at its sole discretion, the authorization of use of a user who is discovered and/or suspected of attempting to defraud in any way, as well as to take all legal and/or other means available to it against the user and/or A person who tried to use the service, including filing claims for damages that may be caused to her.
  • The user is not allowed to make any use of the service and/or the content provided in its context in a way that could damage, paralyze or impair the operation and/or quality of the service, communication networks and any communication equipment. Also, the user may not obtain or attempt to obtain content or information that was not intentionally made available by Todogod.
  • The user is forbidden to duplicate registration for the service and/or use of the service.
  • Without deviating from the above, Todogod may prevent a user from performing an action on the service, by blocking it, in any of the following cases:
  • The user violated the provisions of the law in Israel;
  • The user has violated a condition of these regulations;
  • The user provided incorrect details when registering for the service.
  • The use of the service is the sole responsibility of the user (surfer).
  • The user hereby undertakes that the use of the service is for his personal purposes only, and in particular that the use is not for commercial purposes, except as specifically specified in these regulations.
  • Todogod will not be responsible and will not be charged for any direct and/or indirect damage and/or expense and/or loss and/or injury, including for emotional distress, that will be caused to users of the service and/or to any third party as a result and/or as a result from using the service, entering the service and/or the inability to enter the service and/or as a result of exposure to damage to the smartphone and/or computer during the use of the service (including viruses) and/or as a result of relying on the information contained in the service.
  • As part of the service, Todogod offers links and references to other websites. Todogod is not and will not be responsible for the contents of these websites and their terms of use.

The warranty of the products and/or services advertised within the service

  • Todogod does not sell and/or provide the products and/or services offered as part of a service, unless stated otherwise in a specific publication. It will be clarified that the sale and/or supply of the products and/or services offered as part of the service, with all its implications, will be carried out by the advertiser and not by Todogod.
  • Except in cases where Todogod is the one that sells and/or supplies the products, the sole responsibility for information about the products and/or services and/or for the products themselves and/or services, their publication, their price, the contract between the user and a business, their delivery, actions The finances related to their purchase, their quality, the warranty given to them, and anything else of any kind and type that directly and indirectly relates to the products and/or services sold rests exclusively on the advertiser.
  • All data and information mentioned regarding the products and/or services presented within the service, including their description, name, technical specifications, features, price, etc., are provided by the advertisers and are their sole responsibility.
  • The images of the products and/or services advertised within the service are intended for illustration only so that there may be differences between the image and the actual sold.

Complaints Policy

  • Todogod will make available to users a complaint submission system. In case of filing a complaint, Todogod will uphold its right to act according to any law against businesses that violate the law and/or the terms of use. A case in which a user encounters during the use of the service content that violates the law and/or the terms of use and/or is offensive and/or inappropriate, he must file a complaint through the complaint submission system. In the event of repeated complaints against a business, Todogod has the right to unilaterally remove its registration for the service and decide the money of the business in its possession as a fine for its behavior, all without prior notice.
  • A user of the service hereby undertakes to upload appropriate content only.
  • Violation of the content policy by the user of the service will result in the termination of the service on behalf of Todogod and the removal of the content that violates the Todogod policy.
  • Todogod will make available to users a "notification and removal" procedure. A user who claims a violation of his rights and/or privacy and/or is inappropriate in his eyes, must first act according to the "notification and removal" procedure. Submitting a complaint will be done by submitting a reasoned complaint through an e-mail box at the address:
  • Todogod will review any complaint received in the above e-mail box. The complaint must include: (a) a written statement detailing the content to which the complaint is addressed; (b) a written statement that the complainant has rights violated by the content to whom the complaint is directed; (c) a written statement that the complainant believes that the use of the content is not fair use, violates protected expression or violates one of the complainant's rights; and (d) the web page address ( the exact URL) where the content appears to whom the complaint is directed.
  • After the removal notice, and as soon as possible, Todogod will move the content to a suspended state (moderation) until the complaint is examined.
  • Before removing the content, Todogod will address the complaint to the publisher of the content in order to receive an answer, if this is possible. If no response is received from the advertiser against whom the violation is alleged within a period of 96 hours, the content against whom the violation is alleged will be deleted. If a response is received from the advertiser against whom the violation is alleged, Todogod reserves its right to exercise full discretion in the matter.
  • If you find the complaint annoying or casual or alternatively as a complaint intended to prevent legal use of the information, the complainant is responsible for compensating the victim of this complaint.

Intellectual Property

Full copyright and intellectual property rights in the Service, in their name, in any part of them and in any of the ancillary services offered therein belong exclusively to Todogod. .

Do not copy, change, rewrite, edit, process, abridge, translate, store, store information, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute, reproduce or make commercial use of the display within the service and/or in any other media (existing and/or future ), in any content stored and/or displayed within the service and/or in the databases and/or in graphic content and/or in computer code and/or in any content found within the service, except if Todogod's express written consent has been received for this in advance.

There is an absolute prohibition on creating connectivity (links) to the service, allowing others to use it, creating derivative works or making available to the public any content stored and/or displayed in the service and/or databases, the information and/or graphic content and/or computer code and/or or in any content found within the service, unless Todogod's express written consent has been received in advance.

You grant Todogod a copyright license which is irrevocable, permanent, unlimited, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, unique, to use the content of the surfers and to allow Todogod users to use the content through the services or third-party services, including creating Derivative works, republishing, distribution, making 3D works and any other action. You hereby agree not to make claims against Todogod regarding unlicensed use.

Privacy Policy

Todogod is the exclusive and sole owner of all customer information, owners of business/social organization accounts may only contact customers who left contact information or tried to call the business by phone. The owner of the business/social organization account must not transfer customer information to third parties, Todogod views this action as serious and will block any user account that does so and may even file a lawsuit.

You will be asked to provide identifying information as a condition for using the service. We would like to inform you that you are not required by law to provide the information.

By providing the information required from you for the purpose of verification, identification and participation in the activity within the service, it constitutes consent to the collection, use, disclosure and disclosure of the information transferred to Todogod in accordance with the terms of these regulations. Before providing the details required for verification, identification and participation in the aforementioned service, please make sure that the terms of the service's privacy policy are clear to you and you have no objection to providing these details as stated.

When you use the service, you grant Todogod permission to collect information about your drivers, your browsing habits, products and services you have purchased, information and advertisements you have seen as part of the service, the smartphone with which you access the websites, your location, details about you that you have left when using the services, etc. Todogod will collect information concerning users including through: (a) services to which the user has registered; (b) services used to receive the service, including: filling in details in the contact box, dialing out to the business, registering on the website, cookie code or the user's location; and (c) information provided directly by the user.

The use of the collected information will be stored in the database managed by Todogod and will be used for the purpose, but not limited to: presenting content adapted according to interests, presenting content adapted according to location, contacting by phone, sending text messages,

Todogod may display your name attached to your rating and comments, including your profile picture. Todogod may transfer your contact information to businesses/social organizations that you have purchased from them or that you wish to contact or may be interested in their merchandise. Also, Todogod or someone on its behalf may contact you to offer you additional products as well as to send advertising offers via electronic message, push messages, or phone calls and for any other purpose specified in these regulations. When you can refuse to receive advertising offers or telephone calls at any time.

Todogod undertakes not to transfer your details to third parties except in the cases mentioned in the user conditions and in cases where the law of the State of Israel and international law require it. Todogod may send updates to users. The updates may include information and advertisements regarding the service, the marketing information and/or the advertising information that are published in the service, etc. If you do not wish to continue receiving such commercial information, you may at any time revoke your consent to receive such information and advertisements."

By accepting these regulations, you agree and confirm that the details you provided to Todogod are correct and you are aware that these details will be used for the purpose of sending advertisements. You also confirm that Todogod has informed you that you can refuse to receive advertisements.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree and confirm that you are interested in receiving advertising material from Todogod without specifying the word "advertisement" in the email header and you are aware that this will cause the advertising material from Todogod to reach your main email inbox. Of course, you may stop receiving the advertisement at any time. Todogod operates information security systems that may reduce the risks of unauthorized access to Todogod computers.

Todogod will allow the user to review and/or remove information concerning the user that has been saved, with the exception of information that is necessary to enforce the regulations. After removing the information, the user will not be able to continue receiving the service and/or his rights as a member of the Todogod community. A request to review and/or remove the information will be made by contacting the e-mail box at Todogod will allow the removal of the information regarding the personal details of a minor user, made available to it, through an explicit request, made by the user and/or by his parents and/or by a guardian authorized for the matter. The request must explicitly state and include the details of the information that the user wishes to remove. Todogod reserves the right to refuse to comply with this request, where the refusal is reasonable under the circumstances. Todogod reserves the right to use third-party services to provide the service, including Facebook Connect, Google Analytics, Google DFP, MailChimp and other service providers. Use of the service will be consent to the privacy policy of third party providers.

Todogod retains its sole discretion to integrate and/or include publications and/or links to third-party websites or applications in the service interface. Responsibility and liability

Todogod, in no case and under no circumstances, will be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential, for example, physical or special, to any user or third party due to failure to comply with its obligations here. Todogod provides its services on an AS-IS basis and will not be liable, to the extent permitted by law, for any case of wrongdoing, negligence, criminal negligence, malice or any other case, for any damage or loss of property, including damages caused to you , for the balance of your use of the service, virtual property, reputation or business reputation, account login details including username and password, loss of profits, loss of good name, all as a result of the use or inability to use the services. In no case and under no circumstances will Todogod be responsible for any content originating from a third party, including its legality or illegality and/or its reliability and/or its compliance with the instructions and/or its nature and/or its quality. Prohibition of circumvention or hacking: You undertake that you will not take any action that may circumvent the usability of Todogod's services, including hacking, cracking or any other modification of the services. You are aware that such activity may result in termination of your account as well as legal proceedings.

Support: Currently, and given the early stage of the Todogod service, support is only provided by email and during normal business hours. You can get support at


Todogod does not guarantee the quality of the service and provides it on an AS-IS and AS-AVAILABLE basis. The use of the service will be done at your own risk. Todogod does not guarantee that: (a) the service will meet the user's requirements; (b) the service will not be interrupted, continuous, secure or error-free; (c) the service will provide accurate and/or reliable results; (d) the quality of the service, the product, the information or any other material that will be purchased through the service will meet the user's requirements; and (e) any malfunctions in the service will be corrected. Todogod does not guarantee the quality of content originating from third party.

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold Todogod harmless against any damages, losses, expenses, legal expenses or costs incurred as a result of (1) your use of the Service in violation of these Terms of Use, including any false statement, or (2) any claim, complaint or A warning that will be filed maliciously or negligently against Todogod or its users, when there was no reason for such a request. Termination of service

Todogod may terminate your use of the Services or terminate the Todogod Services at any time by giving you 30 days prior notice.

Notwithstanding the above, Todogod reserves the right to terminate your use of the Services at any time and without prior notice, in any case where you have violated the terms and such violation may cause irreparable damage.

Changing these Terms: Todogod may change these Terms from time to time, provided that it notifies you in the following ways: (1) if you have provided Todogod with your email address, it will contact you by email 30 days before changing these Terms; and (2) if you have not provided your e-mail address, it will notify you in your next electronic communication, such as the next time you log into the system. Keeping Sudanese

Confidentiality: The obligation of confidentiality according to this agreement applies to any information or information, of any kind, in writing and/or in writing, that refer, in whole or in part, to the products, businesses, property and personal details of Todogod, the company, the shareholders, its employees, to the areas of activity of a company and its business relationships, as well as to the intellectual property in the past, present and future, that comes to the knowledge or possession of a party to this agreement directly or indirectly, during or as a result of or at the time of or in connection with the products and/or services and/or the company, whether the information is protected by Any right, whether or not classified by the company or the information provider expressly as confidential information or not, which is in the possession of any of the parties to this agreement and/or will be delivered and/or discovered and/or disclosed to them independently and/or by the company and/or its employees and/or messengers and/or anyone on their behalf, either directly or indirectly.

Subject to what is stated in this agreement, the parties to this agreement undertake not to reveal and/or reveal and/or transfer in any way, to any person, entity or third party any information that was and/or will be in their possession, in whole or in part, about and/or in connection with products and/or services and/or property rights and/or other matters directly and/or indirectly related to the company's activities except to fulfill their obligations towards the company, with its knowledge and express consent and for the benefit of the company only, starting from the date of signing this agreement and with no time limit. In any case of doubt, a party to this agreement will contact Todogod in order to receive instructions regarding the confidentiality of the information.

It is clarified that this duty of confidentiality shall not apply to information held by a public authority and open for review and/or public knowledge or to other information that has become visible and known to the public. It is agreed and clarified that, without deviating from the above, this obligation will not apply where a party to this agreement is required to provide details or information according to the provisions of the law and/or according to the order of a competent court.

Intellectual property rights, reputation and trade secrets: All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and confidential information, in any material edited by the information provider and/or transferred to his ownership from his business activities, will be his exclusive and full property. The parties agree that they may not use the above rights, and/or sell them and/or market them and/or transfer them to others and/or allow their use except with the express written consent of the information provider. The reputation and business relationships that accrue due to the activities of the information transferor will be the sole and full property of a company. The parties agree not to pass them on to others and/or allow their use except with the express written consent of the company's board of directors. A list of customers and/or suppliers and/or a marketing system and/or any other list that will be used for the day-to-day operation of the company shall be a commercial secret of the company. The parties undertake not to exploit and/or use these lists, except for the sake of the company and with the express written consent of the company's board of directors.

Law and place of jurisdiction

Only the laws of the State of Israel will apply to the use of the service. The courts in the Northern District will have the exclusive jurisdiction to discuss any dispute arising from these regulations and/or the privacy conditions that appear therein, including any dispute that may arise as a result.

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