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Israelis – how to present the truth about Israel


Israelis – how to present the truth about Israel


Traveling abroad, meeting people and revealing the beautiful face of Israel – Israel’is Throughout the life of the State of Israel, we encounter many objections to our existence, from enemy countries and anti-Semites from around the world, who often operate under the auspices and laws of “member” countries.

anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish organizations

In recent years, we have been dealing with severe smear campaigns by anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish organizations, which hide under the guise of “humanitarian” “peace-seeking” organizations such as the “BDS” organization, and act with one and only goal, to harm the State of Israel and undermine its position in the world. The reason for this lies in the fact that they act against the State of Israel only, while genocide is being carried out in countries like Syria. The absurdity is that while we provide humanitarian aid to Syrian citizens, by treating hospitals in Israel (at the expense of our patients), supplying equipment, medicine and food (good thing). These organizations discredit our good name in academic institutions in the US and Europe, and do nothing Against dark regimes all over the world that really and blatantly harm everyone who is not among their supporters and sometimes even their supporters.

Covers Israel in a false way

This situation is possible because of severe neglect over the years on the part of Israel, and anti-Israeli organizations have taken advantage of this to reach centers of influence where they can harm Israel. On top of that, the world media covers Israel in a false way and presents us to viewers all over the world in an unfair, one-sided way, thus negatively influencing global public opinion in everything related to Israel.

who will encounter the problem?

For the most part, those who will encounter the problem of Israel’s image will be the Israeli travelers abroad, who will have to reluctantly face a situation they did not expect or prepare for in advance. Israel’s is a non-political organization founded in 2017, by Eyal Biram, Barak Deri and Yonatan Saburai, 3 IDF officers from elite units who were exposed during the trip after the army, to the enormous informative potential inherent in interpersonal meetings, which are created during the trip with people from all over the world, The understanding that these meetings can be leveraged and strengthened for the benefit of Israel, to expose millions of people from all over the world to the truth and beauty of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces, led to the establishment of the Israel’is project.

Learn to deal with situations

The purpose of the project is to send soldiers before liberation and young people before the “big” trip abroad to a workshop, in which they learn to deal with situations arising from Israel’s image problem, and learn in a simple and easy way how to present the truth about Israel, about us. In this way, Israel’is turns all veterans and young people traveling abroad into the best ambassadors of Israel in the world, and maximizes for the benefit of Israel interpersonal encounters that are created during the trip abroad.

Helps them go with a smile

Almost every Israeli who has traveled abroad is exposed to good or bad “excitement” from people in interpersonal encounters along the trip, when they find out that he is Israeli and many times we encounter our neighbors from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Authority. These encounters are sometimes good and warm and sometimes full of rage and hatred. Israel’is prepares the travelers for these encounters, and helps them go through them with a smile on both sides, and the presentation of the truth about the State of Israel.

A positive encounter with an Israeli traveler may change people’s entire worldviews, and it is likely that they will pass the experience on to their friends, something that may change the worldviews of Entire communities regarding Israel and the Israel Defense Forces With the guidance of Israeli’s, Israeli travelers arrive prepared for conversations about Israel and reveal the world to the real and beautiful Israel.

Embodied in this project

Israeli’s was founded in 2017 and already this year the talented founders managed to create cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and introduce mandatory workshops for veterans with the goal of reaching 50,000 young people by the end of 2018. The data can tell us about the enormous informative potential embodied in this project, every year 410,000 young people between the ages of 20-24 fly abroad.

Israeli’s is a non-profit, national enterprise without a political agenda, supported by the Abba Even Institute for Public Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center led by Ron Proshaur (who was Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations). In addition, reserve and regular champions, acting chiefs of staff, officials in the defense system, civil society organizations, Knesset members, businessmen and just citizens who care support the project.

We invite you!

If you are planning a trip, we invite you to sharpen your advocacy skills and become skilled ambassadors of Israel, you can see the location and dates of the workshops held throughout the country in the following link.

Israel’is is registered as a non-profit organization and is supported by donations, in order to expand and develop this important and blessed national project, we are collecting donations, we would be happy if you would support us so that together we can influence the future of the State of Israel.


Israel’is – web site

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