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Andover Foodbank
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Andover Foodbank

The Andover Foodbank provides food to those in need during times of adversity, so serving as a lifeline. The Foodbank was formed in 2006 and is one of The Trussell Trust Foodbank network’s 428 food banks in the United Kingdom. The Andover Foodbank offers emergency food boxes to ensure that persons in need always have access to nourishment.

More than sixty devoted volunteers operate the Foodbank, devoting their time and effort to ensuring that those in need get assistance. Volunteers are the organization’s backbone, and their altruistic commitment to bettering the local community is inspiring.

To locate those in acute need of food assistance, the Andover Foodbank interacts with over seventy different local NGOs. Volunteers collect, sort, and store food contributions before distributing them to those in need. Those in need get a certificate redeemable at a food distribution location for a package of emergency food supplies.

The Foodbank’s objective is to give emergency food assistance to people who are struggling to make ends meet due to a loss of income, a delay in collecting benefits, illness, or another catastrophic occurrence. With its emergency food aid program, the organization strives to alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with financial hardships.

Community experts such as doctors, health visitors, and social workers may aid in determining who need emergency food assistance and distributing vouchers. This enables the Andover Foodbank to provide its services to those in greatest need.

In conclusion, the Andover Foodbank provides a lifeline to the most disadvantaged members of the community. Due to the organization’s emergency food help, the tension and anxiety that may accompany financial hardships are alleviated. The club is totally administered by volunteers, and their dedication to community service is outstanding. With the assistance of over 70 local charities and community organizations, the Andover Foodbank has a tremendous influence on the lives of people in need.



Address: St John the Baptist RC Church Alexandra Road Andover Hampshire SP10 3AD


Phone:  01264 362111


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