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Art Of Elysium


Art of Elysium

The Art of Elysium is a charitable organisation that uses the creative process to help people of all ages overcome adversity. The organisation aids those who are physically, emotionally, or mentally suffering by giving them a safe space to express themselves artistically via music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. More than 100,000 people each year benefit from The Art of Elysium’s many initiatives, which include visits to hospitals, homeless shelters, and residential care homes.

There is a strong emphasis on the transformative power of art in the organization’s initiatives, which are designed to help participants heal and develop as individuals. Children with special needs, expectant moms, the elderly, and the homeless are just some of the groups who benefit from The Art of Elysium’s offerings. The Art of Elysium reaches a wide range of people in need via its partnerships with hospitals, schools, and other community groups.

The Bedside Program is one of the organization’s hallmarks since it provides individual art therapy to sick children in hospitals. In this initiative, trained artists interact with hospitalised children and provide them a safe space to express themselves creatively. Students may explore many artistic disciplines and develop new means of expression via The Art of Elysium’s in-class and after-school activities.

The Art of Elysium does not only help people one-on-one; they also help new artists get their foot in the door. This group generates money for its projects and gives artists a platform to exhibit their work via the annual HEAVEN gala and other fundraising events.

Generally speaking, The Art of Elysium is a group that values the therapeutic potential of art and works to ensure that everyone is able to express themselves creatively regardless of their background or situation. Many people’s lives have been improved because to its creative initiatives and collaborative efforts, making it an invaluable resource for the area.



Address: 3278 Wilshire Blvd. (Penthouse) Los Angeles, CA 90010


Phone:  323-356-0484

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