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Atlanta Community Food Bank
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The Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB)

The Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) is a charitable organisation that distributes food to those in need in the Greater Atlanta region, which consists of 29 counties in the state of Georgia. The major mission of the organisation is to provide nourishing meals to those who are suffering hunger and/or who are food insecure. Through its collaborations with more than 700 charitable organisations, such as soup kitchens, community dining halls and nursery facilities, the ACFB is able to deliver more than 93 million pounds of food and consumables every year.

In addition to its collaborations with other charitable organisations, the ACFB also works with local school districts and medical institutions to provide wholesome meals to those who are in need. Donations of food and monetary support are also accepted from individuals, businesses, and other organisations within the local community. Because of these contributions, ACFB is able to buy food at wholesale costs and then give it out for free to the charitable organisations that it works with.

The team

The executive team of ACFB is made up of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to reducing the prevalence of food insecurity and eliminating hunger in the Atlanta metropolitan region. Kyle Waide, who serves as the organization’s CEO, has been with ACFB since 2001. Over the course of his tenure, he has contributed to the growth and expansion of the organization’s reach. In addition, the Board of Directors is made up of prominent members of the local business and community communities who provide strategic advice and support.

Throughout the years, the ACFB has received funding from a wide variety of organisations and people, one of which is Bank of America, which made a donation of $250,000 to the ACFB in 2022. Because to this contribution, ACFB was able to provide nearly one million meals to persons in the Atlanta region who were struggling with a lack of access to sufficient food.

In conclusion, the Atlanta Community Food Bank plays an essential part in ensuring that those in the Greater Atlanta region who are struggling to make ends meet have access to wholesome food. The organisation is able to reach a huge number of people and give them with the food that is necessary for them to have healthy and productive lives as a result of the relationships that it has formed with other nonprofit organisations, schools, and healthcare institutions. The assistance that it gets from people, businesses, and other organisations in the community is crucial to its day-to-day operations and allows it to carry on the vital job that it does.



Address: 3400 North Desert Drive,

Atlanta, GA 30344


Phone:  4048923333

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