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An Australian nonprofit organisation called The Black Dog Institute is committed to mental health advocacy, education, and research. A group of academics and psychiatrists from the University of New South Wales created it in 2002. The name of the Institute is derived from a poem by the Roman poet Juvenal, who said that a gloomy cloud pursues him about like a black hound.

To help people, families, and communities achieve better mental health outcomes, the Black Dog Institute provides a variety of programmes and services. Their study attempts to pinpoint the root causes of mental disease, improve available therapies, and advance preventative measures. They also provide instruction and training to academic institutions, companies, and healthcare professionals.

The Mood Mechanic is a prominent curriculum offered by the Institute. It is an online application that supports people in tracking their mood, recognising triggers, and discovering coping mechanisms. The cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT), a popular method for treating depression and anxiety, is the foundation of The Mood Mechanic. The Institute also provides a variety of other online resources, such as webinars, self-help tools, and data sheets.

A committed group of scientists at the Black Dog Institute is working to create fresh approaches to treating mental disease. They take part in the clinical testing of novel treatments including psychotherapies and brain stimulation methods. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention is located inside the Institute.

The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to enhancing mental health outcomes for all Australians, with an emphasis on young people’s mental health in particular. They have a youth clinic called the Brain and Mind Clinic, which offers mental health screening, care, and support services for young people. They also provide a variety of programmes for colleges and institutions, such as seminars for students and teacher training.

The Black Dog Institute is a pioneer in the fields of mental health advocacy, education, and research. In Australia, its services and initiatives have a tremendous impact on the lives of people, families, and communities.



Address: Black Dog Institute, Hospital Road, Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick NSW 2031


Phone:  (02) 9382 2991

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