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Blackburn Foodbank
Blackburn Foodbank


Blackburn Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis



Blackburn Foodbank is a community organization dedicated to addressing food poverty and providing assistance to individuals and families in crisis in Blackburn and Darwen. Founded in 2012 by local churches and community groups, Blackburn Foodbank has been working tirelessly to combat hunger and support the community. Their vision is to create a future without the need for foodbanks by challenging structural issues that contribute to poverty and advocating for change.


The mission of Blackburn Foodbank is to provide immediate relief and support to individuals and families facing food insecurity. They strive to offer a range of services that go beyond providing emergency food, aiming to create a supportive environment and empower those in need.


Services Offered:

Emergency Food Parcels:

The  Foodbank provides individuals and families in dire circumstances with a three-day supply of well-balanced meals. The food packages, comprised of canned and dehydrated food items contributed by the nearby community, guarantee that beneficiaries receive sufficient sustenance.

Fuel Vouchers:

During the winter season, The Foodbank provides fuel vouchers to individuals in need. These vouchers aim to alleviate the financial burden of heating costs, ensuring that vulnerable individuals can keep warm during colder months. Donations to the fuelbank fund are encouraged to support this initiative.

The Oaks Money Advice Centre:

Operating within Blackburn Foodbank, The Oaks Money Advice Centre offers free advice and support for individuals experiencing financial struggles and debt management issues. Drop-in sessions are available at various locations and times, providing assistance with benefit income, budgeting, and other money-related concerns. Visit their website for directions and opening hours.

Collaborations and Support:

The Foodbank works in partnership with various organizations and agencies to enhance their services and support the community. They collaborate with Citizens Advice, children’s centers, and referral agencies to ensure that individuals in need can access foodbank vouchers.

Community Engagement and Advocacy:

Beyond their direct services, Blackburn Foodbank actively engages with the community and campaigns for change to address the root causes of food poverty. They work towards creating awareness, mobilizing community support, and challenging the structural issues that perpetuate poverty and the need for food banks.



Blackburn Foodbank plays a crucial role in addressing food poverty and supporting individuals and families in crisis in Blackburn and Darwen. Their comprehensive range of services, including emergency food parcels, fuel vouchers, and money advice, demonstrates their commitment to providing immediate relief and long-term support. By working together with the community and advocating for change, Blackburn Foodbank strives for a future where food banks are no longer necessary. To learn more about how to receive assistance or contribute to their cause, visit their website.


Address: The Oaks, Oakenhurst Rd, Blackburn, BB2 1SN
Phone: 01254 672756

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