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Buckfastleigh Foodbank
Buckfastleigh Foodbank


Buckfastleigh Foodbank

Helping Local People in Crisis


Buckfastleigh Foodbank is a vital organization dedicated to supporting individuals in need within the local community. Their mission is to combat hunger and financial difficulties by providing food supplies, assistance, and support to those facing crisis situations. This article will provide an overview of the organization, its vision and mission, and the various services offered to the community.


The vision of Buckfastleigh Foodbank is to create a hunger-free community where no one goes without access to nutritious food during times of crisis. They strive to foster a supportive environment where individuals facing financial difficulties can find the assistance and resources they need to overcome their challenges.


Buckfastleigh Foodbank’s mission is to provide immediate food aid to individuals and families in crisis, offering a three-day supply of nutritionally balanced tinned and dried food. They aim to alleviate immediate hunger while signposting individuals to other helpful agencies and support networks that can address the underlying causes of their financial struggles. Through their work, the organization seeks to restore hope and dignity to those in need.

Services Offered:

Voucher Referral System:

Buckfastleigh Foodbank operates a voucher referral system. Local agencies, such as Job Centre Plus, Boots Chemist, healthcare facilities, housing organizations, Citizens Advice, police, and schools, issue vouchers that can be redeemed for emergency food supplies.

Food Parcels:

The food bank provides nutritionally balanced tinned and dried food for at least three days to individuals and families facing crisis situations. Food parcels can be collected from the hall door at the back of St. Luke’s Church in Buckfastleigh.

Café and Support:

St. Luke’s Church offers a welcoming café within the food bank facility. Visitors can enjoy free drinks and cakes while engaging with volunteers for support and guidance. The café also provides access to a computer for those in need of internet access.

Citizens Advice Representative:

Buckfastleigh Foodbank collaborates with a Citizen’s Advice representative to offer support and advice to individuals facing financial difficulties. This service aims to address the underlying causes of the crisis and provide individuals with guidance on accessing further assistance.

Grant-funded Citizen’s Advice Advisor:

The food bank has secured a grant to provide a Citizen’s Advice Advisor, who can offer valuable guidance and support beyond food assistance.



Buckfastleigh Foodbank plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and families facing crisis situations within the local community. Through their voucher referral system, provision of food parcels, café and support services, and collaboration with a Citizen’s Advice representative, they offer practical assistance and guidance to those in need. The organization’s commitment to combating hunger and addressing the underlying causes of financial difficulties makes a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families in crisis.


Address: St Luke’s Church, Plymouth Road, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0DA
Phone: 01364 643120

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