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Burngreave Foodbank


Burngreave Foodbank

Providing Help to Local People in Crisis


Burngreave Foodbank is a community-based organization dedicated to providing essential support to individuals facing hunger and crisis in the Burngreave area of Sheffield, UK. As part of The Trussell Trust network, their mission is to address poverty and hunger throughout the country. This article aims to provide comprehensive information about Burngreave Foodbank, including their services, how to get help, and ways to support their valuable work.

Vision and Mission

Burngreave Foodbank envisions a community where no one has to go hungry or face food insecurity. Their primary goal is to offer individuals and families experiencing crises a supply of nutritionally balanced emergency food for a duration of three days. Moreover, they extend further aid to tackle the root causes of food scarcity. By working together with the local community, agencies, and volunteers, Burngreave Foodbank aims to create a sustainable and supportive environment for those in need.

Services Offered

Emergency Food Support:

Burngreave Foodbank provides individuals and families facing crises with three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced emergency food. These food parcels consist of tinned and dried items donated by the local community, offering immediate relief to those experiencing food insecurity.

Referral System:

To access the foodbank’s services, individuals need to obtain a referral from a local agency such as Citizens Advice or social services. These agencies issue e-vouchers based on the individual’s circumstances, ensuring that those in genuine need receive the support they require.

Additional Support:

Burngreave Foodbank recognizes that addressing the root causes of food poverty requires comprehensive assistance. They work closely with referral agencies to provide long-term support, such as signposting individuals to organizations that can offer further assistance and guidance.


The foodbank relies on the generosity of the local community for donations of food, money, and time. Donations can be made directly to the foodbank, ensuring that they can continue to provide vital support to those in need.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Burngreave Foodbank welcomes volunteers who are willing to donate their time and skills to help with various tasks, including sorting and packing food parcels, administrative duties, and fundraising events. Volunteering is an excellent way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families experiencing food poverty.


Burngreave Foodbank plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and families in crisis in the Burngreave area of Sheffield. By providing emergency food parcels and additional support, they help alleviate hunger and address the underlying causes of food poverty. Through community involvement, donations, and volunteering, we can all contribute to their mission and create a more equitable society.


Address 1 : Rock Christian Centre, 177-195 Spital Hill, Sheffield, S4 7LF
 2: Living Waters Christian Fellowship 81 Main Road Sheffield S9 5HL S9 5HL
 3: 177 Spital Hill, Sheffield S4 7LF

Phone: 07542 888 671

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