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BWSS Battered Women's Support Services


BWSS – Battered Women’s Support Services

HelpLine 24/7: 604.687.1867
Text: 604-652-1867
Toll Free: 1.855.687.1868

From its beginning in 1979, the purpose of Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) has been to prevent and react to all types of violence against women. The organization provides education, legal assistance, and emotional support to assist women who have been victims of abuse.

By acknowledging the varied nature of abuse, BWSS fosters a safe environment where victims may talk freely without fear of retaliation. The Crisis & Intake Line is always available to help you or a loved one with immediate emotional support and practical assistance. In addition, this charity provides long-term individual Ending the Violence counseling, support groups, and programs for women who are victims or survivors of abuse.


My Sister’s Closet, a social enterprise operated by BWSS, has two locations in Vancouver and is one of the many ways the group assists local women. The store takes donations of gently worn men’s and women’s apparel and accessories and utilizes the proceeds to finance the charity’s other efforts.

BWSS provides assistance to LGBTQ2S and non-binary assault survivors because it recognizes the frequency of same-sex abuse. Under the organization’s Victim Services Program, women and young women who have suffered intimate partner violence or sexual harassment may get direct treatment, legal help, and system-based information. When it comes to assisting women who have experienced domestic violence to obtain employment and improve their financial circumstances, the AWARE Program is the gold standard.

Indigenous Women’s Program is directed by Indigenous women and provides programs that are culturally appropriate for Indigenous women. Drum groups, counseling, and rituals such as full moon and sweat lodge ceremonies give direct services. The program tries to heal the trauma of colonialism, the effects and intergenerational ramifications of residential schools, the loss of children, and living in a patriarchal society by using holistic methods, such as traditional medicines and ceremonies.

In conclusion, BWSS is a progressive organization dedicated to ending all kinds of violence against women and girls across the globe. It provides programs for Indigenous women as well as LGBTQ2S and non-binary abuse survivors, as well as crisis assistance, counseling, support groups, legal advocacy, and employment support, among other services. BWSS’s efforts to eradicate violence against women and promote gender equality start with its advocacy and assistance for battered women.



Address: PO Box 21503 1424 Commercial Dr. Vancouver, BC Canada V5L 5G2


Phone:  604-686-6732

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