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Callington Foodbank


Callington Foodbank

Providing Essential Support to Local Individuals in Need


Callington Foodbank is a charitable organization dedicated to helping individuals facing crisis situations by providing essential support and emergency food. With a vision to combat poverty and hunger, the foodbank aims to make a positive impact on the local community. This article explores the organization’s mission, services offered, and contact information, highlighting the vital role it plays in addressing food insecurity in the Callington area.


Callington Foodbank envisions a community where no one has to go hungry, and individuals facing hardship receive the necessary support to overcome their challenges. By providing three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced meals, the foodbank strives to alleviate immediate hunger and promote the overall well-being of those in need.


The mission of Callington Foodbank is to tackle food poverty and its associated issues by offering timely assistance and fostering a supportive environment. Through the coordination of resources and partnerships with local agencies, the foodbank aims to ensure that individuals experiencing crisis situations receive the help they require.

Services Offered:

Emergency Food Provision:

Callington Foodbank offers three days’ worth of emergency food supplies to individuals and families facing immediate crisis situations. These food boxes contain nutritionally balanced meals and are distributed through approved agency partners.

Nationwide Network:

The foodbank is part of a larger network supported by The Trussell Trust, a leading organization combating poverty and hunger in the UK. This network enables Callington Foodbank to collaborate with other foodbanks and leverage resources to meet the needs of the local community effectively.

Voucher Referral System:

Individuals in crisis can access the services of Callington Food bank through a voucher referral system. This system ensures that support reaches those who require it most while maintaining a fair and organized distribution process.

Home Delivery:

For individuals who are unable to access the foodbank’s location, Callington Food bank provides a home delivery service. This ensures that individuals with mobility challenges or other limitations can still receive the essential food supplies they need.

Community Support and Awareness:

Callington Foodbank actively engages with the local community, raising awareness about the issues of poverty and food insecurity. The foodbank encourages food donations, volunteer participation, and financial contributions to help combat hunger in the area.



Callington Foodbank plays a crucial role in addressing food poverty and supporting individuals facing crisis situations in the Callington area. With its emergency food provision, voucher referral system, home delivery service, and active community engagement, the organization strives to provide timely assistance and essential support to those in need. By collaborating with The Trussell Trust and local agency partners, Callington Food bank maximizes its impact and fosters a stronger, more resilient community. To learn more about how to access assistance or contribute to their cause, please visit their website or contact the coordinator directly.


Address: 1 Launceston Road, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 7BS
Phone: 01579 550374

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