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Central Illinois Foodbank
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The Central Illinois Foodbank

The Central Illinois Foodbank is a charitable organisation with its headquarters in Springfield, Illinois, that works towards the goals of expanding access to nutritious food and raising awareness of innovative ways to address the issue of food insecurity in the surrounding area. The food bank is responsible for the distribution of food and other grocery goods to approximately 150 feeding programmes that are run by charitable organisations in 21 counties in central and southern Illinois. In order for the organisation to carry out its mission, it must rely on the generous contributions of private people, businesses, and charitable foundations.

Helping others

The Central Illinois Foodbank was established with the intention of helping individuals who are struggling to provide for themselves by collecting and distributing food and grocery products that have been generously given by local farmers, manufacturers, processors, distributors, and merchants. The food bank acts as a connection point between the manufacturers of food and the feeding programmes run by non-profit organisations that help low-income people and families with their food needs.

Since its founding in 1982, the organisation has expanded to become one of the most significant food banks in the state of Illinois, with an annual food distribution volume of almost 10 million pounds [6]. The employees of the Central Illinois Foodbank are dedicated to the organization’s goal of providing everyone in the community with access to nutritious food, and they put forth a lot of effort to make sure that this goal is met.

Working together

One of the distinctive features of the Central Illinois Foodbank is the emphasis that the organisation places on the cultivation of awareness of food insecurity as well as innovative solutions to the problem. In order to bring attention to the problem and facilitate the search for effective solutions, the food bank regularly organises and participates in community activities. For instance, the Director’s Dish blog offers essays on a variety of subjects relating to food insecurity, such as the significance of working together with others and being involved in the community.

Materials Wish List

You may make a contribution to the work of the Central Illinois Foodbank at their website if you would want to show your support for the organisation. In addition, the food bank maintains a Materials Wish List, which is a list of products they are looking to acquire in the near future. This list may be seen on the food bank’s website or Facebook page.

In a nutshell, the Central Illinois Foodbank is a charitable organisation whose mission is to combat food insecurity in central and southern Illinois by facilitating access to nutritious food, raising awareness about the problem, and creating innovative solutions to the problem. The organisation, which has grown to become one of the most significant food banks in Illinois, relies on charitable contributions and partnerships in order to keep its operations going. You may discover their Materials Wish List on their website or Facebook page, and if you’re interested in helping their goal, you can either make a donation or look at the list.



Address: Central Illinois Foodbank

PO Box 8228

Springfield, IL 62791-8228


Phone:  217 522.4022

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