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Chabad of Contra Costa

Chabad of Contra Costa offers educational and social programs to the Jewish community of Contra Costa County in an effort to foster a greater sense of Jewish identity and pride among its members. The Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which began in the 1940s and seeks to spread Jewish education and spirituality worldwide, serves as the organization’s philosophical basis.

The synagogue of Chabad of Contra Costa is one of the organization’s main attractions. Regular Shabbat and holiday services are held at the synagogue, giving locals the opportunity to meet one another and strengthen religious ties. The synagogue is also a location for performing ritual bathing (Mikvah, etc.).

Additionally, the Chabad of Contra Costa offers numerous classes for children and their parents. Jewish history, philosophy, and ethics are among the topics covered in the Adult Education JLI classes offered by the organization. The purpose of the classes is to connect students with their Jewish heritage and inspire them to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Women’s Circle is a program conducted by Chabad of Contra Costa that encourages local women to meet together and learn more about Jewish culture, values, and spirituality. Courses, seminars, and other events are given to help women enhance their links to their churches and community.

In addition to its main operations, Chabad of Contra Costa provides outreach services to the surrounding region. The club arranges events and runs initiatives to enable individuals of Jewish and non-Jewish origins get along better. Cultural festivities, educational lectures, and debates across religions are all examples.

In addition to its educational and outreach endeavors, Chabad of Contra Costa assists individuals in need within the Jewish community via a range of social assistance programs. The charity supports persons in need in many different ways, such as by offering them with food, clothes, and other essentials. Chabad of Contra Costa also offers counseling services for individuals in need.

Chabad of Contra Costa sponsors charitable activities and community service initiatives for residents. Members are encouraged to participate in food drives, fund-raising events, and other charitable activities since the organization views them in high respect.

Chabad of Contra Costa provides the Jewish community in Contra Costa County with access to a vast array of resources. The objective of the organization is to develop Jewish identity and pride via different ways, including education, spirituality, outreach, social assistance, and community service. Chabad of Contra Costa offers individuals of various backgrounds and interests opportunity to learn more about Judaism, meet new friends, and give back to the community.



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Phone:  925-937-4101

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