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Chelmsford Foodbank


Chelmsford Foodbank is a non-profit organisation that offers food aid and other services to needy people and families in the Chelmsford region. The group has been working for many years and is dedicated to relieving hunger and poverty by offering vital support and help to those who need it most.

One of the most important services provided by the Chelmsford Foodbank is emergency food assistance. Fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, canned foods, and other non-perishable commodities are provided to persons in need by the charity. No age, gender, or religious limitations apply to the distribution of food packages.

In addition to emergency food packages, the Chelmsford Foodbank provides other services to assist those in need. The charity collaborates with local choirs and other support agencies to provide clients with financial guidance, advocacy, welfare help, and counselling. These support services are essential to ensure that people and families get complete aid, as opposed to a fast fix.

The Chelmsford Foodbank depends significantly on community contributions and volunteer help. Volunteers participate in all elements of the organization’s operations, including food collection and distribution, fundraising, and outreach. Food and monetary donations are utilised to buy food supplies and pay operating expenses such as rent and utilities.

The Chelmsford Foodbank is distinguished by its dedication to sustainability. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables produced in their communal allotment gardens, the charity aggressively solicits donations of non-perishable food products. This strategy not only minimises food waste, but also empowers the community by offering chances for individuals to assist others and participate in a meaningful initiative.

Chelmsford Foodbank offers essential assistance to people in need in the local community. Together with other support services, the organization’s emergency food packages enable people and families to overcome challenging circumstances and enhance their overall quality of life. With an emphasis on non-perishable food items and sustainability, the Chelmsford Foodbank not only aids people in times of need, but also: encourages community engagement and enables individuals to make important contributions to society. Consider volunteering, contributing food or money, or sharing the word about Chelmsford Foodbank’s excellent work if you want to assist the organisation.



Address PO Box 9174 Chelmsford CM1 9AE


Phone 07512 574542

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