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Community Food Bank of Central Alabama
Community Food Bank of Central Alabama todogod


Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

The “Community Food Bank of Central Alabama” is a charitable organisation that distributes food to those in need in the Alabama counties of Blount, Cherokee, Calhoun, Cleburne, Clay, Jefferson, Etowah, Shelby, Talladega, Walker, St. Clair, and Winston. Other counties in Alabama that are served by this organisation are Walker and Winston. Since its inception in 1982, the organisation has made it one of its primary goals to meet the dietary requirements of individuals who are in need.

145,000 persons who have difficulty putting food on the table each month are provided with nourishment by the organisation. The food comes from a number of sources, including donations from grocery stores as well as contributions from the community. After that, the food is given to more than 230 different organizations, including homeless shelters, food banks, and soup kitchens. People who are unable to drive far to get the food they need may benefit from the organisation’s mobile pantries, which service all 12 counties. This makes it easier for such people to get the food they need.

It acknowledges that there is a substantial issue with food insecurity and that there should be a focus made on permanently eradicating famine as a human condition. By informing people on the significance of food’s nutritional content, the social entrepreneurs run by the organisation want to eliminate food insecurity in the surrounding area.

Volunteer & Donors

In addition, the organisation seeks for people to volunteer and people to provide money. A food drive may be organised by anybody, and anyone can make a donation to a food bank, both of which will assist in providing food for individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. In addition, the organisation has formed partnerships with local companies in order to provide a dual benefit to the community. This indicates that the food bank will be able to double the amount of every gift made by a firm, which will ultimately result in more food being given to those who are in need.

The goal

The organisation also has the goal of eradicating hunger from the globe. It recognises that striving towards a future in which famine is banished is just as important as it is to offer nourishment to those who are in need in the here and now. The organisation’s goal is to make sure that no one in the twelve municipalities that it serves goes to bed hungry by enlisting the help of volunteers, donors, and community supporters in order to accomplish this goal.

In conclusion, the “Community Food Bank of Central Alabama” is an important organisation that is responsible for providing food for those who are hungry. The organisation guarantees that people who struggle to put food on the table have access to it by collecting food from a number of sources and distributing it via a variety of channels. This ensures that those who struggle to put food on the table have access to food. The emphasis placed by the organisation on social businesses and collaborations is making a contribution towards the ultimate elimination of famine around the globe. Everyone has the ability to help in the battle against hunger by doing things such as volunteering their time, giving money, or organising food drives.



Address: 107 Walter Davis Drive Birmingham, AL 35209


Phone:  205-942-8911

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