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Community Food Share
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Community Food Share

Community Food Share is a non-profit organization that has been active in the battle against hunger in the local community for many years. The Food Share has locations in both Boulder County and Broomfield County. Help in the form of food is made available to people in need of it via a variety of initiatives run by the organization, including food pantries, mobile food banks, and community dinners. In this post, we will talk about the history of The Foodbank, as well as its goal and the effect it has had.

Food rescue services

In 1981, an organization known as Community Food Share was established in order to provide food rescue services. The primary objective of the group was to collect unused food from area companies and then provide it to people of the community who were struggling financially. Because to the expansion of its activities throughout the course of its history, the organization is currently able to provide support to more than 32,000 people on an annual basis.

The goal

Community meals Share’s goal is to end hunger in Boulder and Broomfield Counties by ensuring that those in need have access to healthy, freshly prepared meals. The mission of the organization is to build a community in which no one suffers from hunger because they hold the belief that everyone has the right to access to nutritious meals.

In order to fulfill its objective, Community Food Share runs a number of different initiatives. The group operates not one, not two, but three food pantries, one of which is a mobile pantry that can provide food to those in need wherever they are. In addition to that, they have a program that is called Feeding Families, and it offers financial aid to families that are struggling to provide enough nutrition for their children. In addition, The Food organizes community lunches, at which members of the community may come together to have a meal together and build relationships with one another.

Meaningful effect

The Community Food Share program has a large and meaningful effect. In the year 2020, the organization was responsible for the distribution of more than 12.6 million pounds of food, which is equivalent to more than 10 million meals. In addition, the charity collaborates with nearby farmers and food manufacturers to provide nutritious, freshly prepared meals derived from the community to people in need.

To summarize, The Food Share is an important organization that is having a considerable influence in the battle against hunger in the counties of Boulder and Broomfield in Colorado. Their initiatives are making a significant impact in the lives of thousands of people each year, and their purpose to make sure that everyone in the community has access to food that is both healthy and nutritious is motivational.



Address: Community Food Share

650 S. Taylor Avenue

Louisville, CO 80027



Phone:  303-652-3663


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