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Child Protection Network Foundation


CPN – Child Protection Network: A Beacon of Hope and Healing

In the realm of child protection and advocacy, the Child Protection Network (CPN) stands as a monumental organization. Based in the Philippines, CPN is a non-profit entity that has dedicated itself to the noble cause of preventing and treating child abuse. This article aims to shed light on the remarkable work of CPN, its vision, mission, and the holistic approach it takes towards child protection.


A Safe Haven for the Vulnerable

At the heart of CPN’s operations are the Women and Children Protection Units (WCPUs). These units serve as sanctuaries – a safe haven where abused children are not just medically treated but are also provided with comprehensive services aiding in their recovery from trauma. These units are strategically located in both government-retained and local government unit-assisted hospitals across the Philippines. CPN’s pivotal role in establishing these WCPUs has been a game-changer in the field of child protection.




Exemplary Training and International Collaboration

CPN’s influence extends beyond the walls of WCPUs. It is instrumental in training a wide array of professionals – from judges and social workers to police officers, ensuring that the frontliners in child protection are well-equipped. Additionally, CPN’s international collaborations with prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge have propelled research and development, leading to improved and expanded services.


Vision and Mission: A Future of Hope

CPN’s vision is clear and compelling: “All children in the Philippines and throughout Asia are protected from abuse and neglect.” Working in tandem with the Asian Center for Child Protection, CPN aims to ensure that every abused child is treated with compassion and competence, promoting a nurturing family environment for their optimal development.


Guiding Principles: The Foundation of CPN’s Work

CPN’s work is built on a foundation of strong guiding principles. These include a commitment to excellence, integrity, accountability, collaboration, and humility. These principles not only guide CPN’s actions but also shape its interactions with partners and the children it serves.


A Future of Comprehensive Care and Prevention

The future CPN envisions is one where child abuse is not just addressed but prevented. Its consistent efforts in establishing WCPUs, training frontline workers, and engaging in groundbreaking research are significant strides toward this future. With over 115 WCPUs serving thousands of children, CPN’s impact is profound and far-reaching.



In summary, the Child Protection Network is not just an organization; it is a movement. A movement that embodies hope, healing, and protection for the most vulnerable members of society. Through its unwavering commitment, innovative approaches, and collaborative efforts, CPN is leading the way in child protection, not just in the Philippines but across Asia.



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